Agenda Long Beach, LA, and Zumiez 100k Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Agenda Long Beach, LA, and Zumiez 100k

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2012 by Ryan

Words and Captions by Ryan Clements
Photos by Ryan Clements, Mike Derewenko, and Jesse Fritsch

My first trip of the year was pretty damn eventful. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more. I went to LA, Long Beach, Encinitas, and Keystone, CO, all in a week’s time, and it was quite an adventure. Good times, great skating, and amazing people. Thanks to Agenda and Zumiez for making it all possible…

We arrived late on Wednesday night into LA, drove to Long Beach, and headed to Agenda early the next morning, where Justin and I immediately ran into James Craig.
Later that night at a Nike gathering I got the opportunity to hang with long-time friend, Ed Selego. In case you didn’t know, Ed used to work at SPoT and now runs MIA Skate Shop…and he’s still part of the SPoT Family.
Out front of the Nike deal I heard this crazy voice coming from some dude walking down the street and realized it was DMX!
On Friday morning it was back to business. Jason Rothmeyer is now repping Eswic.
Not so much business was going on over at the Domestics booth with Barker Barrett and Fred Gall.
I like to make the best out of every trip, and that includes meals at iconic restaurants. Justin hadn’t been to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles before.
From there we went over to The Berrics to hang out for a bit.
Right around the corner from The Berrics is the Huf warehouse. Keith Hufnagel was preparing for an art show the following evening.
This was some of the most amazing stuff I’ve ever seen, with a $20,000 price tag to match. It was created by Haroshi and you’ll be seeing the artwork on the new Real deck graphics coming out.
It was Saturday morning and time to go skate. Nothing like running into the DLX Mafia outside of our hotel. L to R: Who Dat?, Mickey Reyes, Andy Roy, and John Alden.
The meeting spot was Supreme, but we couldn’t resist walking through this place first.
The Supreme bowl is tough to skate. Not that I have much more than this anyway, but I only had a rock n’ roll up my sleeve.
After 20 minutes in the bowl, Justin and I headed out front to find Dan Rogers and Steve Olson waiting for us to go to the next spot. Then Fabian Alomar walked up!
As if it couldn’t get any better, Tyler the Creator skates up, heads into Supreme, and comes out and says, “Yo’, you’re from SPoT? That place is sick. I’ve been there.” Loved every minute of that interaction…what a nice dude.
Arto Saari, thank you for the session in your backyard. Heath Kirchart is one of my favorites of all time. He also shreds pools.
Justin had the camera at this point and snuck one of Tour Guide Dan Rogers and me bro-ing down.
Dan headed to the airport and Justin and I headed to this newish P-Rod Park to get in one last session before dark. From there I drove down to Encinitas and Justin headed to LAX and back to Tampa.
Sunday morning my friend Mike Derewenko and I met up with Jesse Fritsch and we made a pit stop by Tony Hawk, Inc. to grab Jesse’s board. This is the sort of memorabilia you find in the hallways of that facility.
From Tony Hawk, Inc. to the Tony Hawk Residence. I always feel extra privileged when I get to skate at Birdman’s house.
Turn around before you drop in and this is what you see.
Tony showed up and sessioned with us for a few minutes. This is the other view of the Frontside Grind Mag cover.
Jesse has the ability to get up in the air and stuff. Frontside ollie over the hip.
“I’ll blunt the shallow end if you pivot fakie it.” Duh. I can only do three tricks and this is one of them.
Fritsch ended the session with the blunt and I pretty much stopped taking photos from that point forward. The next morning I flew from LA to Denver to meet up with Schaefer and head to the Zumiez $100k event.
Winter wonderland. This was the only picture I took at Zumiez $100k because everyone Instagrammed the hell out of it.


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