Grind for Life 2012 Stops at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Grind for Life 2012 Stops at SPoT

Posted on Saturday, February 4, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Get the full results on the GFL site. They raised $2,700 today - amazing. Thanks to everyone who was here to help.

Piro Sierra and I both know we should drop in on the vert ramp just because. I haven't done it in a decade or so and he's never done it. We both chickened out today and just enjoyed a mellow cruise around below coping. Maybe next time. We'll just get out of the way for the Florida Vert Attack today.
Maybe these kids can teach us to drop in.
Cameron Miller's got a good looking front foot on this huck over the quarter.
The kickflips in the kiddie divisions look the same as the kickflips in the 40+ division.
Giancarlo Scalise, going up.
My favorite little kid trick, the blunt nosegrab. Someone should start a magazine based on this trick.
I should have stuck around to go for one of these trophies, but I just couldn't make myself do it, even with a 40+ division.
The newest member of the SPoT Staff with Grind for Life's chief Mike Rogers along with Porpe. Thanks again for having your shindig here at our place, Mike.
Hopefully you came up on the wheel.
This is Nate Ilardi. He's all about the image gadgets and can carry on a pretty intelligent discussion of camera gear.
I let Nate hold the D3S for a bit and he gave it back to me with this front feeble sequence on it. Thanks, Nate.
The girls were ripping today as usual. Laura Fong-Yee ended a run with this frontside boardslide.
Alex from the Shop was out there in the Girls' Division, too. I think skateboarding is finally back to the point where only girls wear skin tight pants. What a crazy phase of the early 2000's.
Even the baby girls in the Contest were ripping.
Alejandro Burnell - frontside 360. Usually when you cut your long hair, it's either all or nothing. Alejandro went for half way.
This is Nate's brother Jake Ilardi. He's got a nice 360 flip. Maybe we'll see that in the Tampa Am Vert Contest he'll be in next month.
We will definitely see Jake Ilardi's cab next month in Tampa Am Vert (UPDATE: oops, it's a les twist). Okay, it's time for me to pull a Whodini and sneak out of here before I get called out to skate in the Contest. Thanks again to everyone from Grind for Life that came to SPoT today.


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