Old Man Appreciation Bowl Jam Presented by Creature Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Appreciation Bowl Jam Presented by Creature

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The Editor nearly had a seizure while trying to capture all the cover shots at this one. Thanks to Creature and Stone Brewing Company for the support on the Old Man Appreciation Bowl Jam. We have about a year's subscription worth of covers from this session. Frontside Grind Magazine circulation is up 10,000%!

Josh Wilson is going to film this geezer gathering, but before that, he's on some flicks to front wheels balancing act on he sushi dish.
The Editor felt like a kid in a candy store. Cover shots were on within minutes.
The old slob air is the best ugly move in skateboarding. For some reason, all I can think of is cavemen when I see someone do one.
No, it's not a Take a Poop. Porpe made this frontside ollie, but he is overdue for the toilet. Maybe the next 360 flip attempt.
If you've been to The Bricks, you've seen this FSG Mag coverboy going buck on the dance floor hammered.
I feel like Porpe because I don't know what this crazy maneuver is called.
John Burgess, welcome to The Mag.
Josh needs to be on the Stone Brewing Company sauce to film all these dudes 20 years older than him.
You can get ya hair did by Scott Bently. Clem's silver cape is groomed by Scott. That's a frontside boardslide to fakie.
It's not quite the shocker he's doing, but it's close enough.
Jacob just crail slid straight to the FSEC.
Kevin Zimnock runs it at the Bro Bowl. I wonder if having a lip requires adjustment. That's a high speed tailslide.
Free pizza was shredded like the Bowl.
Sometimes you need to move to California to advance your career, or you can just make the cover of The Mag.
Apparently the Bowl was a little slick. Maybe some of Justin's Pomade got on the coping. Justin has a fresh new haircut these days. Maybe I should do that.
The wind-up, the early grab, the tail scrape and crack, the huck and plant of the front foot, and the crouching tiger roll away. John Ferguson's on it.
I don't have much material on Manny.
Thanks to Creature for hooking up the promo.
Zach was the old young guy out there.
Todd Morrow's gear AND board are both a Tampa Kit.
Jay Turner - lipslide.
Levi Combs - front feeble, too good for the cover.
I do the fashion safety dance all the time.
Maybe we need a surf edition of The Mag.
Will has been running the pony tail since day one, like those shorts.
John Party is champ of the Tuesday Night Old Guy Sessions. I think he was the only one without yellow wheels in this session.
Manny's got the best step hop over the corner for this session. Thanks to everyone who came. Josh Wilson's footage coming up soon.

Josh Wilson Footage



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