Lil Wayne Buys Majority Ownership in Skatepark of Tampa for $9.3 Million Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Lil Wayne Buys Majority Ownership in Skatepark of Tampa for $9.3 Million

Posted on Sunday, April 1, 2012 by Rob

For Immediate Release

Following the first appearance of Lil Wayne at Skatepark of Tampa back in August and again at last weekend's 18th Annual Tampa Pro, hip hop artist Lil Wayne and his Cash Money empire announced their further expansion into skateboarding today. Young Money closed a deal with Skatepark of Tampa to acquire a majority ownership in the long-standing skateboard facility.

"I get all my skinny pants and some Vans at Skatepark of Tampa," said Wayne, noting that Trukfit would be the exclusive apparel brand at moving forward.

The existing staff and owner Brian Schaefer all have contracts to keep their jobs and remain on staff in a consulting position for at least five years.

"I hope Trukfit makes chain wallets," said former SPoT owner Brian Schaefer.

SPoT General Manager Ryan Clements opted to cash out and take a position at Vans. His first project will be announcing the live webcast for the Phoenix Am this weekend, which is sponsored by Vans. "I knew craka wasn't a real fan when I saw that rebel flag belt buckle," Wayne commented. The Phoenix Am live broadcast presented by Vans and Ryan Clements can be viewed at on Sunday, April 1st. The SPoT staff wishes him well on his new path.

Additional terms of the deal include Lil Wayne required to make an appearance at all Damn Am events that SPoT Productions hosts, including two new stops in London on June 22nd and Huntington Beach for the US Open in August. With the financial assistance from the Cash Money empire, look for even more Damn Am stops around the world soon.

"We're working on a deal to include free Medicinal Marijuana with all online orders now," said Rob Meronek, SPoT's digital guru. "The spirit, style, and soul of Skatepark of Tampa cannot be bought or sold, but I sure am looking forward to my new grill and Trukfit ink. My rap career that only my friends know about might finally take off, too. We're still the same old skateboarders we've always been, though."

"My first order of business at SPoT will be to do away with the logo and create something more Trukfit friendly," Wayne explained passionately. Wayne followed up with, "We some asshole n**gas, call us diarrhea," when asked how all those people who have SPoT tattoos would feel about his decision to change the logo.

Further terms of the deal will be released this summer when the entire SPoT staff joins YMCMB on tour. Check for tour dates at


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