Phoenix Am Practice 2012

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2012 by Porpe

By Porpe

Ray Ray is crazy, in a good way.
Raymond Feaste - frontside halfcab heelflip.
Dylan and Clive reunited and it feels so good.
Clive and Dylan - doubles lipslide.
Dylan Perry - frontside flip.
Alex Midler - backside flip.
Blake Carpenter - frontside heelflip.
David and Ethan are brothers, and have identical frontside ollies over the hip.
Clive Dixon - nollie noseblunt.
Dustin Blauvelt - kickflip backside noseblunt.
Donovan Nearing - 360 flip lipslide.
Vince Del Valle - frontside blunt.
Dylan did a backside lipslide with ease, so I offered him $50 for a first try back tail. He didn't win the $50, but was inspired to land it after I got him to try it.

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