DJ Wade's Wedding Article at Skatepark of Tampa

DJ Wade's Wedding

Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

DJ Wade got married this weekend so we all made the trip to LA and Hollywood for high fives and sauce tipping. We did get some skate time in at Venice Beach before the ceremony, though. I got some photos and of course a cell phone edit.

Before getting lit at DJ Wade's shindig, we stopped by Venice Beach to roll around. Porpe's got a scenic back tail.
Here we have your classic Venice Beach lurker bro.
Can't leave Venice Beach without a new issue of FSG Mag.
This spot somewhere in the vicinity of Hollywood is so whatever compared to the skate gold around here that I'm sure Porpe's ollie is the first time anyone's ever even glanced at it. On to the wedding...
Maggie and her family are going for the traditional wedding in a church. DJ Wade is here on the bro down with the man of the cloth.
Imagine if every business had to build offices this elaborate to amaze and astonish people to assist in getting money rather than just build products that work? No disrespect to your beliefs if you're into this, I'm just applying my science and logic thought process to all this.
Gotta get our photo with Jeebus.
Skate photographer Dave Hoang aka Dave's Hoang was there on the documentation of it all.
Rob G's lookin' G for the wedding.
The scene was amazing with the reception being on the Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills.
I just realized I forgot to try the cake.
The view from both sides of the cameras here. Congrats DJ Wade!
You have to pause for a foot fetish when you see this thing. We got some fancy feet today.
DJ Wade's dad has so much OG style.
Maggie's looking good and ready for the toss.
I can't keep up, can these guys legally get married in California now? Nice catch!
This wedding had the most inked up guests you've ever seen.
Thanks for having us at your celebration, Wade. I hope I didn't break anything.
It's ok, I'm oriental, I'm allowed to do that to this statue, plus, I don't remember doing this. Porpe, however, might not be on Budda's good side. Thanks again Wade and Maggie!

Rob Meronek's Cell Phone Edit: Venice Beach and DJ Wade's Wedding


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