Go Skateboarding Day 2012

Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2012 by Porpe

By Porpe

Brian, Rob, and HiDefJoe are in Detroit getting Wild in the Streets with the Emerica team. While those three are holding down the Detroit skate scene, Ryan and Justin are in New York skating with the Nike SB team. Those dudes have the best jobs in the world, and so do I because I get to hold down Go Skateboarding Day at SPoT.
Free skating, free food, and a Best Trick Contest had these kids hyped on Go Skateboarding Day.
The Innitech Crew took a break from packing your online orders to help me feed the kids.
I have never seen these two at the Park before. I swear there is a whole new breed of skateboarders.
When Sam isn't serving you pizza in the Snack Bar, he is practicing new tricks like this backside noseblunt.
Everyday is Go Skateboarding Day for WIll Lewis. This is his first photo on the website. Its about time because he is always at SPoT skating.
Here are the contestants for the 14 & Under Division of our Go Skateboarding Day Best Trick Contest at SPoT.
Alejandro Burnell - noseslide.
Julluis Jimenez - lipslide.
Alex Sperando - backside lipslide
Here are our winners from the 14 & Under Division.
Here is a small sample of the skaters from the 15 & Up Division of our Go Skateboarding Day Best Trick Contest.
Chris Jata - nollie backside 5-0
Jereme Knibbs - backside lipslide to manual.
Josh Wilson - nosegrind across and down.
Here are our winners from the 15 & Up division. Thanks for everyone that came to hang out with us during Go Skateboarding Day.

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