Game of SKATE 2012 at SPoT

Posted on Friday, September 14, 2012 by Rob

Words and Photos By Rob Meronek
Video by HiDefJoe
Thanks for your donation of services, Body.
First it's the ro and then it's on.
Joey Hulett is in with a fakie 360 flip.
Brandon answers with the same.
There are some crazy looking 360 flips out there.
Aaron Davis - nollie flip.
Chris Jata - kickflip.
Tyler Hunger - hardflip.
I believe that was a frontside pop shuv.
Devin Abreu - frontside pop shuv.
Uncle Sam - 360 shuv.
Just like the grip tape says, right?
The 360 shuv was a go to trick for everyone. That's Alex Sperando.
Andre Mckenzie - 360 flip.
Meanwhile, back in the Dungeon, Bob Croslin has a full studio set up for a photo series with all the locals from SPoT over the years. Tommy Presley is on blast right now.
It's time for the final Game. PJ Castellano is in with a 360 flip.
Jeff Wonsong held on until the end to take it.
Just like the grip tape says, right?
Top three in the last game were PJ, Rey, and Jeff.
Bob also shot some old instants in the Dungeon. Your Instagram seems pretty silly when you're holding OG prints like this.
Congrats, Jeff!
Next time get here on time and maybe you'll be in there. Thanks for coming ya'll!

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