Booze Cruise: September 2012

Posted on Saturday, September 22, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
I'm lucky enough to be able to skate to The Bricks from where I live downtown. Nuccio Parkway is a smooth easy ride on the cruiser.
Dinner at The Bricks before hitting the sauce and pavement. That's a Pacific Rim Pulled Pork Sandwich. I eat it with no modifications at all like a grown up.
A small sample of the cruisers.
The talent, Porpe, aka Pork Angel, filming his intro with HiDefJoe who's doing the video recap.
The crew was a little small this time. We're off after a classic group photo in front of SPoT Ybor.
Manny and Alejandro on the push.
The streets are still wet, but we're on the roll anyway. Jereme Knibbs and Yonis lead.
Alex B is running Nuccio Parkway on the way to the Bro Bowl right now with a giant Red Bull.
Treshan has the cruiser board and cruiser hat.
Watch for HiDefJoe's edit soon.
Biker lady in heels swerves around Pat Stiener.
My old roommate, Keith Works.
Aaron Austin slashes around the Bro Bowl.
Jereme Knibbs looks 20 years older right now.
Based on how many tries it took to get this pose "landed", this pretty much counts as a trick.
Keith Works is leading the charge on the camo cargo comeback.
Yonis on a big ol' switch ollie with Manny creepin' tailgate.
Porpe's on some dangerous rolls with the Penny board, which is dangerous to begin with.
We made it into Hooters right before it poured. Manny is the birthday victim.
After Manny got a trespass warrant, he's not welcome back here until his next birthday.
Thanks ya'll for joining us on the Booze Cruise. Watch the Events Page for the next one.

How the Booze Cruise Ended: Rain and Trespass Warrants

HiDefJoe's Edit

HiDefJoe's edit from the Booze Cruise includes a short push through town, a bit of the Bro Bowl, and an ender at Hooters due to Florida rains.

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