Agenda Trade Show in NYC Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Agenda Trade Show in NYC

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We had the pleasure of spending about 24 hours in New York this week for the Agenda Trade Show. It was a productive time of meetings and general sketchy skateboard industry bid'niss bro downs.
Flying into NYC is pretty amazing if you're on the right side of the plane. Follow SPoTTampa on Instagram for stuff like this.
We have arrived in New York City for a harsh ice knife to the face. I was looking forward to the always good meals to be had here. Instead, I got my first bad meal in the city ever. This fancy ass place put the worst plate of breakfast ever set down in front of me in the history of eating. Well, not as bad as some Euro crap I've had to endure, but still. Eggs runny as a marathon, bacon rubbery like a fat tire, and a tasteless square of smashed up potatoes. So, I basically had that bread for breakfast.
I wonder if that man has the same food psychology disorders I have.
Schaefer's got the NYC taxi cab flagging skills like a southerner roping in cattle.
Pause for a gear check at he show.
Joe used to work the Shop at SPoT which means he's a card carrying member of the FSEC. He now lives in NYC working for a skate shop up here filming and shooting photos. It's awesome to see him go on and move into such a great job that involves filming with people like Gino and PJ Ladd. We'll see you back in Tampa soon, Joe.
Schaefer and Greg Chapman, top quality bid'niss dudes in the sketchy skateboard industry.
We've been working with Herschel a bit more lately on having their bags in our Shop. They're making quality bags at a decent price.
You're either a slickback dome or a beanie top. This is a part of the floor at the show where sales pitches are slung left and right.
Lyndon from Supra is showing us the new line, picking up our dinner and drinks, and explaning how aliens built the pyramids.
Over at the Dakine booth, they've got a tight looking Indy bag coming out soon.
This is one bangin' Half Cab. The Vans crew is in Tampa this weekend for Clash of the Crews that they're backing.
Justin Williams can help you get your new streetwear idea to life. He can get custom hats, beanies, and more done at his company, Reach Headwear. He also has a damn good backside heelflip. I haven't skated with Justin in so damn long. I hope he hasn't lost the back heel.
Over at the Enjoi booth, they have boards that remind me of the Randy Colvin velvet deck.
This dude was like the digital Ybor Shoe Licker.
Congrats to Luis Tolentino for recently turing pro for Shut.
When you run into homies on the street, you can't stop and talk too long for fear of freezing to death. After this fast snap with John Newport aka Lower Management, we jumped into a warm cab as fast as possible.
The Trukfit booth is looking colorful.
Reese used to be a local at SPoT. He now is in the city doing shows with Trinidad James. Get his album at his site.
Thanks to Agenda for lining us up with a place to get a few hours of sleep in.
Here on the 600 threadcount sheets of New York swanky hotels is where grand ideas and bid'niss dreams of the sketchy skateboard industry are hatched and come to life.
Your standard New York City view.
Meanwhile, back at Agenda for another day...
Russ Pope has in his hands the sample Vans shoe we're doing with them. This one here is one of one since we're making some changes to it before the final is for sale here at SPoT in a few months.
Some of the bid'niss paperwork that goes into creating a new shoe.
The only way to get a photo of Jim Thiebaud is to sneak attack it like this.
Instagram was heavy all weekend.
I wish I carried cash to get in on this heated dice game.
The Berrics needs a retail shop. I can code that up for you in a weekend and have it integrated with our already smooth and efficient infrastructure at SPoT as the backend fullfillment. Not to mention our great customer service. Let's do this ya'll.
On the way out, we stopped by Katz Deli for what Jeff Pang describes as a "life changing pastrami sandwich." I don't eat meat that looks that funny so I had to get the turkey. It's pretty damn good and will change your life standard for measuring a turkey sandwich for sure. It will also change your wallet by $20 in the negative.
It was a nice night flying right back home the following day. Thanks for the memories yet again, NYC. I'll be back in May for pleasure instead of bid'niss.


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