Damn Am Atlanta 2013: The Road and The Bowl Jam

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Damn Am Atlanta started on the road and day one just wrapped up with a bowl jam in the back at Hazard County Skatepark. Check out a few snaps from along the way. My favorite is Marcos Montoya's backside noseblunt in there. Wow, Marcos.
All good road trips start with an emptying of the pipes. Manny shows how to get it done behind Innetech so you're not that guy making us pull over for a tinkle.
Pause for a Schaefer pep talk.
That's a tight ass crew right there. Team Keep it Tight.
We stopped at Possom Park in Gainesville where the locals were powersliding on the taco.
One of the locals was OG Gainesville resident Billy Rohan. Pretty crazy how those camo pants blend right into the trees making him look pantless on this switch nose manual.
Producer Pat got his nickname from his directing input on SPoT Life episodes. He's got a line in this one including this frontside pop shuv nose manny.
Nice to see you, Billy!
It's April and Florida's already a boiler.
Producer Pat is directing suspect films up front.
We're in two vehicles. One is Brian Schaefer's wip, the hipsack of motor vehicles known as the Euro Van.
Our other people mover is this 12 passenger van now proudly owned by Skatepark of Tampa and on its first of many road trips. Robby looks gangster next to those rims that we did not choose.
A box of Stance socks is gold on a skateboard road trip.
HiDefJoe is causing pee breaks with that sauce.
This is Nip Frazier's first Damn Am. He's here skating late while we're on banner duty.
Prize pack assembly is also part of the late night duty. Thanks to Dakine, DVS, Stance, and Bones Swiss for the gear going in these bags.
Paul Shier is the new DVS TM hard at work with us on the branding patrol.
Zombie mode after an early wake up and late night. HiDefJoe and Frank are wrapping up a 10/Two.
From a late night to an early morning, now we're back on site at Hazard where we discovered their time machine. Paul Zitzer used it to go back to 1987.
Justin Brock is on papa duty today but still made time to stop by. He's on filming duty for the new Nike SB video the rest of the weekend.
Tyson Peterson's almost reverse hang ten on this front feeble.
Ish also road tripped it up here.
Mikey Perdomo here is ripping at Damn Am Atlanta with a nice overcrook. No sponsors, got in with video footage. Maybe that will change this weekend?
Thanks to all the parents that get their kids here. Joey's dad has been backing him for years at Damn Am.
Jayden was already good but he got way better since we last saw him. Who this young has a meron grab like that? He's killing it on the tranny.
Shark bite is usually reserved for the ankles, but Paul took a rare one to the dome. Of course it was from a boneless.
Are bucket hats coming back in? Are stalefish grabs coming back in? Ask Sam Sneed.
We already know Marcos Montoya kills it from the All Ages Contests at SPoT, but when he was skating the bowl today, I was blown away at is tranny skills. What young gun do you know that can backside noseblunt like that? I paused it on the super tight frame. Too good.
Damn, that's how to float a crail - Jereme Knibbs.
The Bowl Jam peanut gallery was stacked. What a great first day of Damn Am Atlanta!

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