Your Favorite Skateboarder Is Dead, Asian, Mexican, A Satanist, Married

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I was recently searching out some info on my favorite skateboarder and noticed some amazing results in Google's autocomplete, so I started trying random other people and came up with some pretty silly results. Check out what the internet generally thinks of some of your favorite pros.
I'm half Filipino through my mom and from that I know that entire race is super concerned with what brand of oriental you are if you possess any of the slanty eyes and bronze skin qualities. No surprise that the racial thing is his top hit. He's definitely on fire, too. So, is he Filipino? I don't know. My mom would slap me for not knowing that or asking him next time I see him.
Again, no surprise on Dylan Rieder. He's in vogue and in Vogue.
Kenny Anderson is a pretty common name but I still had to see what shows up for The Perfect Man. I sure hope he's not broke.
If you did a graph, you'd see that there's a direct correlation to how popular you are versus the death rumors that circulate about you. Listen you dumb Googlers, Tony is not overrated, dead, or a scumbag.
Naturally, everyone's confused on P-Rod being goofy or regular. I'm also confused when I ask myself if he's Mexican.
There goes the popularity to death rumors ratio in effect again. Koston's a screamer???
Yep, it was in an old Baker video. Andrew Reynolds was in Cop and a Half starring Burt Reynolds.
Mark Gonzales is the good kind of crazy, the kind you should strive for.
You got some stalkers for sure when people are Googling who you're dating and your favorite drug of choice.
If you're looking for Mike Mo's day in the life, you should check out our SPoT Life episode at his house. Looks like Mike Mo has a fair amount of ladies on the prowl for him, too.
According to the internet, Ryan Sheckler is hot and his cherry is still up for the popping.
There's that death rumor popping up again with Lizard King. I guess when the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team fizzled out people started asking Google if he's sober.
It appears Nyjah Huston has a bit of the Michael Jackson ambiguity according to Googlers.
Sometimes the internet is spot on. This is all you need to know about Mark Suciu.
One time when I was in China with Curren Caples, Jimmy Carlin was on the mic and described Curren as "tan like a god with hair like a stallion." The girls searching for him in Google think the same.
Again with the popularity to death rumors ratio, I had to include Lil Wayne in here.
You silly Googlers, of course we're legit. Who else would be good to type into Google and see what comes up in autocomplete?

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