SPoT Life Road Trip to Atlanta

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 by Rob

When we went up to Damn Am Atlanta last month, we did so many other things on the road trip that we made a separate SPoT Life episode from it. The highlight was being able to skate and film at Da Playground. I've got a bunch of sequences and photos from there along with the new SPoT Life episode.
Dylan Perry - fakie boardslide fakie.
Manny Rodriguez - kickflip frontside boardslide.
Manny Rodriguez - nollie big flip.
Markus Jalaber - backside 180 nosegrind to forward.
Markus Jalaber - half cab crooked grind.
Markus Jalaber - kickflip frontside noseslide.
Steve Miller - crooked grind. Steve works for Zumiez that's backing all the Damn Ams.
Paul Zitzer - bluntslide.
John Gow, FSEC card carrying member, now works for Kayo.
Paul Zitzer - feeble.
Bob Reynolds works with SPoT Productions as a judge. I should fix the white balance here. That's a crooked grind.
Street Schaefer with a 5-0.
Frank Branka helped with filming and getting this SPoT Life episode together.
How to post up - Jereme, Pat, and John.
Pat Stiener on the crate.
We wrapped it up with some pool.
Thanks to DGK and Kayo for letting us film and shoot photos. Catch the entire team here at SPoT later this month for Go Skateboarding Day.

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