School's Out Jam 2013 Presented by Krew

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 by Rob

I hope you got in on the Krew sale over the weekend.
If I'm the Digital Ninja, Dusty here is the Digital Ginger. DG hit me up about shooting photos at the Contest and learning to cover an event, so I told him everything I do and he's now here to try to mimic that. We'll see how he does once I get his photos. Thanks for hanging out DG! Update: Dusty's photos are here.
The lein to tail old guy move is being done by more and more kids these days. That's Rio Batan Matienzo on one.
The Editor welcomes Dirt Weasel to the cover of a new issue of Frontside Grind Magazine.
Years ago I took it upon myself to change the name of this trick from melon to meron for two reasons: it's my go to trick I've been doing for 20 years and coincidentally it's a funny way to make fun of my fellow orientals' accents. So there you have the history of the meron grab.
Welcome Alex Donahue to the SPoT staff next time you're here. He's manned the grill this weekend and helps out Matt in Maintenance now.
Anthony Henderson - hardflip.
Alex B is now in the FSEC and Chuckie is now in the 6th grade.
Boss and prodigy.
We're pushing digital papers here while judging you.
Frank Branca has a new SPoT video feature he's working on called Franks for Nothing. Watch for that soon. For now, he's tapping your scores into the system.
Winners from the 8 and Under Division.
The Norton Family. The Parent of the Year Award lasts for life.
Winners from the 9 to 12 Division.
Winners from the 13 to 15 Division. Keep it Titus!
When fish gets really stale, it turns to roast beef.
Welcome Derick Glancy to the SPoT Staff next time you're here. That's a kickflip.
I like how the parents' VIP box section always has some sauce flowing. I even saw dirty Sprite.
Jake Sykes - switch heelflip.
AJ Dall took some big steps since the last time we saw him. He's on Girl and Lakai flow now and moved up to the Sponsored division. He's winning at life at 11 years old. That's a varial heel on the bump to flat.
Tyler Hunger - frontside flip.
Everyone's on Vine. Find Skatepark of Tampa on there, too.
Winners from the 16 and Up Division.
Winners from the Sponsored Division. That wraps up another one. Thanks Krew and everyone who came out.


As usual, it was some of the best local skateboarding at the School's Out Jam this weekend, however, many of you came from as far as Texas, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. Thanks for making the trip and joining us for another one. Did you get a trick in the video? Check it out below.

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