Damn Am Woodward West Semi-Finals Heats Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am Woodward West Semi-Finals Heats

Posted on Sunday, October 6, 2013 by Sebastian

Heat One

Brazil , Age:
BLVD Skateboards, DC Shoes and Apparel, Matriz Skate Shop.
Chicago IL, Age: 16
RVCA (flow), Bones (flow), DC Shoes (flow), Mystery Skateboards (flow), Stance Socks (flow), Harmony Skateshop, Blue Collar Hardware, No Coast Outré.
, Age:
Baker, DC Shoes and Apparel.
Murrieta CA, Age: 18
Element, DC, Thunder, Spitfire, Glassy, Active.
Moreno Valley CA, Age: 25
Active, Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Diamond (flow).
Los Angeles CA, Age: 21
Bones, Ace Trucks, Remind Insoles, Val Surf, Diamond, Grizzly Grip.
Curitiba Brazil, Age: 19
Bless Skate Shop, WarCo Skateboards, Royal, Fourstar, Lakai via Team Bk, Nixon.
Los Angeles CA, Age: 17
Supreme, FA World Enterntainment, Spitfire, Thunder, Silika Glass, Bones Bearings, Nike.
Venice CA, Age: 22
Santa Cruz, Independent, Ricta, DVS, Spyder Skate Shop, Crap Eyewear, Silika Glass.
Anaheim CA, Age: 16
Civilian Skateboards, DC (flow), Destructo (flow) ,Active Rideshop, Kogi BBQ.
Salt Lake UT, Age: 19
BC Surf and Sport, Darkstar, Monster, Bones, Globe, OC Ramps.
12: Sean Imes
Santa Monica CA, Age:
Arbor Skateboards, Lakai (Team BK), MISHKA Clothing, Spitfire, Thunder.
13: Mike Dias
Brazil, Age:
Starter (Brazil), Crail (flow), First Skateboards (flow).
Bakersfield CA, Age: 22
Baker, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, DC Shoes and Apparel, Shake Junt Griptape, Happy Hour Shades, Val surf.

Heat Two

Mexico City Mexico, Age: 24
Beat Skateboards.
San Diego CA, Age: 17
DC Shoes, Silver, DGK, Gold Wheels, CCS, Laced, Remind Insoles.
Las Vegas NV, Age: 19
Globe, Enjoi, Silver, Pharmacy.
San Marcos CA, Age: 18
BLVD Skateboards (flow), Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings, Grandeur Skateshop, Dekline, Stelth.
Las Vegas NV, Age: 24
Pharmacy, Mystery, Fallen (Flow), KREW.
Hawthorne Ca, Age: 17
Dogtown, ACE Truck CO., DTA Clothing, Rockstar, Globe Shoes.
Houston TX, Age: 22
Hosoi, Covert Skateshop, Grizzly, Venture, Supra (flow).
Las Vegas NV, Age: 23
Pharmacy Boardshop, Zoo York (flow), Volume 4.
San Diego CA, Age: 24
Thunder (flow), Grandeur Skate Shop.
Los Angeles CA, Age: 12
Darkstar, Globe, Mainline Skateshop, Markisa, Kogi BBQ, Elm.
Raleigh NC, Age: 24
Tork Trucks (flow), Delicious Skate Shop, Mostic.
Virginia Beach VA, Age:
17th Street.
Fullerton CA, Age: 18
Roughneck Hardware, Program Skate and Sound.


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