SPoT Life: Tampa Am Day 2 Qualifiers

Posted on Saturday, December 7, 2013 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham.
Words and photos by Aaron Austin.
Dolan Stearns supercharged the morning with these massive airs and a unique way of skating.
Dolan had a unique sense of fashion, too. Check out these Brixton overalls. You killed it today, Dolan.
Gatorade hired the right ladies for the job - keeping everyone hydrated, that is.
Tony Durao - switch 360 flip. I couldn't figure out what stance he was at first. That means he is really good.
Nate Greenwood on a smooth backside tailslide across the pyramid rail.
The perfect man - Kenny Anderson - is the best.
You know who else is the best? The entire crew from Nike SB China. They're so enthusiastic and genuinely stoked to be here. We're glad you guys are here!
AlBow aka MP3J was behind the SPoT marketing tent today with our product photographer, Marino Nicastro.
SPoT gave away a ton of stuff to your role of the dice.
Bones Wheels also had a booth. They will be set up in the courtyard all weekend, so make sure you check them out for your chance to win some fresh wheels.
Aaron Herrington, part of the Theories of Atlantis family, rides for Polar Skateboards, one of the raddest board companies out right now. Aaron made the trip to Tampa Am from New York City and killed it today.
Aaron also did this wall jam and pulled it in to fakie.
Piro Sierra was here from NYC too. It's a shame he's hurt - I would have loved to see him skate the contest.
Dane Vaughn is down with Shaqueefa and the Bodfather, Scotty "The Body" Conley. Shaqueefa OG baby.
Dylan Witkin qualified in 10th place today. We'll be seeing him, and possibly this frontside nosegrind, in the semifinals on Sunday.
Our medic Dave Miller had to patch up Dylan's knee after he took a nice little slam. Hopefully it's good by the semis, Dylan.
This is Jason Siebert's broken arm. He came from Chicago to skate but got hurt on Wednesday, the day before the contest officially opened. Bummer, Jason, but thanks for sticking around and supporting SPoT.
Red Bull. Oh, and girls.
Tristan Funkhouser killed it and was the only skater who transfered from the china bank to the steep quarter. This frontside ollie was huge.
Brodie Penrod was the golden ticket winner, yet again. Brodie is simply incredible to watch on a skateboard.
Brodie Penrod- Switch Tre Bomb.
Dominick Walker was the last person to skate today and had his own one-man-jam. He basically put on a demo, and did this kickflip frontside nosegrind just after time ended and the crowd went crazy. What a way to close out the skating.
And this happened... JJ Sharkey got TAMPA tattooed on his left temple. That's his face.