Vans Gear DPT Winner

Posted on Friday, April 11, 2014 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, put them in random order, and someone with the email alexarellano7 came out on top. Good work, alexarellano7. Check your inbox. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss. Full entries are below:
alexarellano7: Damn that hat would look good on you;) Apr 10 2014 6:11PM
steeeeeeven: Apr 8 2014 11:05AM
Bscully21: Wiyo Apr 10 2014 1:30AM
vanjennette: Sean Malto. Apr 9 2014 12:46PM
bigtim1986: thanks for the chance! Apr 7 2014 11:44AM
tylersk8nip: Kenji Holman is a great dude Apr 7 2014 11:50AM
johnteaff: Serfboart Apr 7 2014 11:44AM
Reignsk8er6: Derp Apr 10 2014 1:38PM
Jbships: I NEEEEEEEED IT-sponge bob Apr 7 2014 5:35PM
t.jejesteven: please let me win Ill do anything.(aaaaanything) Apr 7 2014 9:28PM
wjjr92: Off The Wall Bitches!! Apr 8 2014 5:00PM
kaaos: I hit my tail on groundhog day Apr 7 2014 12:41PM
arlarson3: Do you really read this. What is Marios favorite fabric? Denim-denim-denim Apr 8 2014 1:29AM
bradleyjrtime: would pretty much turn into Spicolli if I win that hat. Apr 8 2014 1:42PM
khalilceltics.kk: skateparkoftampa x vans sydicate Apr 7 2014 11:10PM
flacobubu: stop picking da same ppl Apr 7 2014 5:23PM
Dare2sk4t3: My chances of winning that is like me wondering if Kelly Hart will ever turn Pro.. Apr 10 2014 11:08AM
dboyd0408: vans is the sheezey for reezey Apr 7 2014 10:55PM
Gcarl86: 8::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D ~ ~ ~ Apr 7 2014 11:50AM
ea122297: Apr 7 2014 12:49PM
chard.sper: Those are dope. Im a size XL on the sweater in case I won. Apr 7 2014 12:13PM
tymardis: off the windowww, off the wall! Apr 7 2014 3:16PM
tony.nguyen: SPOT or DIE! Apr 9 2014 4:20AM
brian.sanderlin: I Never Win.... Apr 7 2014 2:17PM
josephzinkus: I have a van and some candy... want some? Apr 8 2014 8:17AM
Pedro_haro11: I like bacon I like bacon I like bacon I like bacon I like bacon I like bacon I like bacoI like bacon I like bacon I like bacon I like bacon Apr 10 2014 1:21PM
blue6stair: Vans is wicked sick, yo. I love Vans and I definitely actually skateboard. Thats why I wear Vans Skateboarding Shoes. Apr 7 2014 5:46PM
seegee2006: random winner? so i can write anything! Apr 8 2014 10:02PM
noeserrano33: I just want the windbreaker. Apr 8 2014 7:39AM
DerekClapper: Vans i need this so i can make some waffles in that waffle grip Apr 7 2014 8:15PM
element.dillard: Quality Goods Apr 7 2014 5:09PM
nickpeterpaul: vans,hell yaaaaa Apr 8 2014 6:17PM
christianmoses: stationary kickflips, mongo pushing mango with Js on its feet Apr 10 2014 1:21PM
alex78: Cover me head. Apr 7 2014 9:25PM
sbowes: Im trying to break wind in a windbreaker! *FART NOISES* Apr 7 2014 2:40PM
sambop92: im wasted Apr 9 2014 10:45AM
xxjohnny4: dont big crime syndaicate drive vans? hmmmmmm Apr 7 2014 3:21PM
Kurz11: Hi Apr 7 2014 2:05PM
johnjohn_marcelo: You guys are rad! Apr 8 2014 7:58PM
crazy_arturo: make me feel some type of way!!! Apr 10 2014 4:41AM
Chuttsmatt: Took a delivery the other night... Hot girl anwsered full on naked ask me if i wanted some wine.. Said yes, its not delivery its a porno. !! Apr 7 2014 11:44AM
Courtneygopro: Roses are red violets are blue I love Spot Skate Shop and you should too Apr 9 2014 10:47AM
bvenegas77: SPoT is the best!!! Apr 7 2014 11:05PM
Brentgilbert843: Vans suck this is for my mongo foot dad.!! For real.. No lie.!! Apr 7 2014 6:53PM
rylo911: Hey Pooky Apr 8 2014 2:34PM
Krissyboysmom: I just had to get my 4th son braces! If I dont laugh about it I'll cry so winning anything would be awesome! Apr 7 2014 12:10PM
Austinlwells: race riots! Apr 7 2014 12:48PM
Olson813: Dont be dumb and miss a good toaster sale. Apr 10 2014 10:10PM
jasperebays: stay trying. stay losing. welcome to georgia Apr 10 2014 11:36AM
elmustachioo: Chopped my arm off in woodshop while wearing my other windbreaker. in need of a new windbreaker. Apr 8 2014 8:54AM
chuck670: please pick me Apr 8 2014 8:13PM
josephzinkus: want free candy step into my van Apr 8 2014 8:20AM
jesseagilner: yerp Apr 9 2014 10:27PM
oneniisama: The hat is pretty rad, GIMMIE! Apr 7 2014 11:44AM
Officalgameplay: Love vans come on who dosent Apr 10 2014 9:02PM