Primitive Paul Rodriguez Gold Bar Deck & T-Shirt Winner Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Primitive Paul Rodriguez Gold Bar Deck & T-Shirt Winner

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2014 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, put them in random order, and someone with the email dboyd0408 came out on top. Good work, dboyd0408. Check your inbox. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss. Full entries are below:
dboyd0408: hook it up May 23 2014 11:24AM
joaoeobalino99: not gonn lie i just want to win it no other reason May 23 2014 11:05PM
hugovinial: thatd be awesome ! May 24 2014 10:51AM
comthe_immaculate_concept: Ders gold in dem dar hills!!! Live Primitive May 23 2014 6:46PM
stepharios: Hi im 13, love to skate, P-Rod is my favorite skater, May 25 2014 9:10PM
ChiefLakai007: Oh sick. Prim-i-tive Skateboards be that ish. Hook me up pleeeease!! May 25 2014 8:01PM
Gcarl86: Hahahaha May 23 2014 5:08PM
291113: Husband: Honey, do u smell that? Wife: No. Husband: Yeah, me neither, start cooking. May 25 2014 5:23PM
kylemonster94: If I win I will need a medium or large t shirt size. May 23 2014 4:30PM
Kardell_96: Spot Tampa for president! May 25 2014 1:33AM
mrhunt798: I. wonder what kind of trucks, wheels and bearings go best with a gold deck May 23 2014 11:03AM
drstrangelove0: Gold Chocolate Bars = tasty treats! May 23 2014 1:35PM
eerie1241: bling May 23 2014 10:57AM
Datripleafrom702: Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass. May 23 2014 1:48PM
daddysgirlskateboards: 24 Karats Baby May 23 2014 9:46AM
elliottdiaz85: roses are red iolets are blue i love macaroni and cheese and skateboarding too May 23 2014 10:59AM
Alexarellano7: Skateboarding is as good as gold May 24 2014 6:32PM
tribalsantospt: Primitive rules man ,im from portugal and i love have a board and a shirt of primitive without paying the shipping ;) May 25 2014 10:37AM
gunnerlfrazier: g-code May 25 2014 9:15PM
amanird0: Im 13, been skating for 3 months, and P-Rod is my favorite skater.I had a pet fish i kept in my bathroom, i fed it too much food...It died:( May 25 2014 8:56PM
biggerbos2010: hook me up spot! May 23 2014 1:57PM
peytonkobelt: May 24 2014 11:06PM
Teddymartinez91: Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one - and let the other May 23 2014 12:56AM
alex78: Goooooold finggaaaah. May 23 2014 9:59PM
msliberty_fl: Thanks for helping my son get fitted for safety equipment and shoes! May 23 2014 8:01AM
wball: summer time.... bad for skateboarding, good for bird watching. May 25 2014 9:34PM
lairdkruse: Did you hear about the giant that had diarrhea? Oh well its all over town!! May 23 2014 12:23AM
Tyler_onlyones: Thats gold, Jerry! Gold! May 23 2014 12:05PM
chuck670: im not funny :( May 23 2014 9:15PM
anthonypickens93: get some clear griptape and blind everyone at the park May 23 2014 6:10PM
oh.andrew7: i need this yo you know cuz i got money but not money like that May 23 2014 12:23AM
nitrokillah: thanx ! cha ! May 24 2014 4:38AM
flacobubu: I need 2 get dis one week in week out be da same ppl beenig pick out May 23 2014 1:18PM
alecgenzano1998: I need the board to shrewd the nar with the bros and get some babes while Im at it May 25 2014 7:13PM
phmacarons: Amazing, I have never seen a greatest deck like this, I wish I could buy this here in Brazil! May 23 2014 8:05AM
Jjod1375: May 23 2014 10:58AM
Eaglemanben: In 2012 the world did not end. May 23 2014 4:47PM
brian.sanderlin: Stay Gold.... May 23 2014 6:45PM
Balance352: I bet this is what lil wayne is skating May 23 2014 11:34AM
the_immaculate_concept: Ders gold in dem dar hills! Live Primitive May 23 2014 6:53PM
madrigaldaniel18: What do you call a cow with two legs. Your mom!!!!!!!! I fucking love prod I hope I win May 23 2014 1:46PM
Mattkeepsittp: Finna leave gold paint errywhere May 23 2014 2:56PM
epicgcgrl21: This deck looks so dope! May 25 2014 2:43AM
Plkieffer: All gold errythang! May 23 2014 5:07PM
tharealcarter06: wassup wit tha goods bro... hook a nigga up! May 24 2014 3:11AM
xaviery2010: Versace Versace. Primitive skateboarding is all gold everything. P-Rod is a genious May 25 2014 6:29PM
jaramillo123444: I want a gold deck May 23 2014 2:01PM
paomasta: All gold everything!!! May 23 2014 3:01AM
Black_ninja11: I Really Hope I Win Because My Board Broke And My Mom Cant Buy Me A New One Because Of The Little Money We Have. I Really Hope I Win. May 23 2014 12:18PM
Jrodriguez22181: That deck has my last name on it n its gold now all I need is a big fro n all gold grill with a missing tooth singing gold all on my deck May 24 2014 11:12AM
the_immaculate_concept: Ders gold in dem dar hills!!! Live Primitive May 23 2014 6:50PM
Andrewalonso3: Antihero is the shit May 23 2014 10:24AM
sbarnett2813: I would love to win this for my 13 year old son. Hes a huge Paul fan and would love to see his face light up if he were to receive this! May 24 2014 3:38PM
dancherry1704: gold all day May 23 2014 9:20AM
aznkenboiii: hi May 23 2014 9:41AM
itsbryjak: come on you have to admit mall grabs are so convinent! May 23 2014 7:59AM
hugovinial17: thatd be awesome May 24 2014 10:54AM
donegandesign: The razor tail on my board is wearing away. This gold one should last a little longer, riGht?? May 25 2014 12:54PM
rmafalanka: May 25 2014 3:50PM
tylewis197: i dont even wanna win this stupid contest. May 23 2014 10:56AM
Gjg: That Gold Board looks like really fresh! May 24 2014 1:26PM
funnybiker63: So two fish are in a tank, and one says to the other, "so how do we drive this thing?" *Ba Dum Tss" May 23 2014 7:17PM
np123192: I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS FOR MY HUBBY AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!!! (: (: (: (: (: (: <3<3<3<3 May 25 2014 11:16AM
Marc.valencia: Heyyyyo coocoo school suck it beiber May 25 2014 3:46PM
Tulerwolfordsimpsons: Kenji Holman May 25 2014 3:09PM
Josheugenio46: Alright ima be completely honest with you guys, I suck ass at skating so I need this board to compensate for being terrible. Thanks boo boo May 23 2014 12:52AM
Tylerskatesyo: Kenji Holman yo May 25 2014 8:44PM
olimndz: Stevie Williams came out with a new company again?!? May 23 2014 12:19PM
Shockz1234: Dude if i win ill eat the hell out of this poptart May 23 2014 1:00PM
baronstank: Please let it be chocolate underneath May 23 2014 12:11PM
xwillykanex: Prod switch back lip down the small rail near the door 2002 May 23 2014 9:02PM
nickdelligatti1: toss me some gold! May 24 2014 6:22PM
gtownkickz502: I love Skateboarding.Its my Passion. And a Gold Board would be fire?????????? May 23 2014 12:06AM
joshventura98: Got dat butter bar bruh. Now all we need is dat pancake grip and the berry wheels. Oh cant forget about the chocolate chip stickers! May 25 2014 10:25PM
Iselltickets1: Pretty plz pick me May 23 2014 11:35PM
Brandon_Boudreau8: Piss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 24 2014 3:31PM
lairdkruse: Why do blondes have one more brain cell than cows? So when you pull on a blondes tit, she doesn't s**t on the floor. May 25 2014 5:04PM
vanessarobalino4329: pleas pick me May 23 2014 11:07PM
Becher.logan: May 25 2014 9:48AM
tymardis23: goldsdustttt May 24 2014 1:55AM
Mexicansk8r1992: Your moms so fat Danny Way wouldn't even gap her. May 24 2014 6:25PM
sk8erboy.xy: Versace,Versace. Primitive skateboarding is all gold Everything. P-Rod is a genious May 23 2014 5:49PM
filmer_albert: Hey dude i really wanna win this . I been wanting this primitive apparel for so long , but i just cant afford to go . this will mean so me! May 23 2014 12:19AM
lcbooking2002: THAT MATCH MY GRILL May 24 2014 8:34PM
Schuetze.matt: Everyone deserves a high five to the face May 25 2014 1:10PM
coryparker26: I would still pay shipping if needed May 25 2014 10:58AM
dangeo.lacerda: uooool May 23 2014 1:11PM
lopez.jesus98jl: I would like to get the boadd! May 23 2014 7:54AM
yukoprime: I need to win this I am the biggest Paul Rodriguez fan to ever step foot on this earth I can not even explain how important it is for me May 24 2014 11:02PM
giorgosdimoli: i want this deck.. May 24 2014 8:52AM
jacobmarquez96: Life goes on. May 23 2014 12:17AM
ben.obc: Id show you my 'psyched for Primitive' selfie but I can't load it into this comment. May 23 2014 8:57AM
Yflp85: May 25 2014 9:50AM


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