Tampa Am 2016: Friday Night Party Photos

Posted on Saturday, November 12, 2016 by Chris

Friday night following Tampa Am 2016 was our Annual Old Man Bowl Jam, hosted by Grind For Life where all the retired Pros, washed up T.M.s and anyone over 35 that rips basically gets their own spot in the limelight. This is raw skateboarding at its finest, and I'm pretty sure the grand prize was a six pack of cheap beer. After the dust settled and shoulders were popped back into place, we headed to SPoT's chill spot: The Bricks in Ybor City for the Todd Bratrud art show. If you don't know the background on Todd, get a quick history lesson here. All in all, it was a good start to the weekend and super rad to see some familiar faces.

Photos: Nick Nicks
It's the Old Man Bowl Jam! The bowl here at SPoT is a lot like these dudes...barely hanging on, but it gets the job done. Ezekiel Tafari clocks in with a FS boardslide.
Franco Lopez - FS Tailslide.
If you've ever been to one of these, you pretty much know Jimmy the Greek is going to crush it... no surprise here: fakie lipslide.
This photo will probably be used for next year's Old Man Bowl Jam flyer. Lofty FS air.
If you look up "Old Man Bowl Jam" in the dictionary, this is the photo that pops up.
"This ain't no wussy-ass street contest...get in there!" The only thing bigger than Brian Adams' sideburns is his passion for skateboarding.
Jimmy Dennis - FS 50-50.
John Whiteman yanks one in from the top rope.
Someone always has to try the gap at these Bowl Jams. John Whiteman steps up.
SPoT OG resident, Kyle Randall with his signature boardslide around the corner.
Followed by a steezy Front Smith.
Luca Basilico - FS 5-0.
2016 is the year of the Yank. Orlando Ramos - FS 5-0 yank in.
Shes Nishikawa is 50 years old and came all the way from Tokyo, Japan to kill it here in Tampa. Front smith.
...and managed to come in 8th place!
Yeah Shes!
Your top 5: Jimmy the Greek, Franco Lopez, Orlando Ramos, Luca Basilico, and Tito Porrata. Congrats dudes! Big thanks to Grind For Life and Mike Rogers for hosting. Don't forget to check out GrindForLife.org and make a donation to Skate and Destroy Cancer.
After the Bowl Jam, everyone headed to Ybor City for the Todd Bratrud art show at The Bricks. Tito Porrata (of Team Pain) and Jimmy Dennis check the footy.
Two of the greatest dudes: Conrad is everyone's best friend (if you're over 21) this weekend - he hands out the free PBR at Tampa Am. Eric McKenney is in charge of contest registration all weekend.
Todd Bratrud's artwork is so sick. The Smurf series is my personal favorite.
Here's a print from his Creature Babe series and some early sketches for this year's Tampa Am graphics.
Original art from Todd's Clout magazine cover and some more sketches.
Here's some raw prints Todd had made up based on the Tampa Am 2016 artwork.
Here's some raw prints Todd had made up based on the Tampa Am 2016 artwork.
Here's some raw prints Todd had made up based on the Tampa Am 2016 artwork.
Social media guru Fred van Schie and his biggest fan: Jim Thiebaud.
Tito approves of Smurfette.
One of our Tampa Am sponsors, Mob Grip put together these awesome custom grip sheets with the Tampa Am artwork. Hope you got a chance to buy one. By the way, proceeds from sales from the art show go to benefit our charity: Boards For Bros.
Inside The Bricks, there was free booze courtesy of our friends at PBR. Thanks guys!
More Smurfette...I can't get enough.
A graphic Todd did for his homies at Familia skateshop.
Thanks to everyone for coming out! If you didn't catch the art show last night, it will be hanging up at The Bricks all weekend.