Tampa Pro 2017 - Welcome To Town Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Welcome To Town Party

Posted on Friday, March 3, 2017 by Chris

Thursday at Tampa Pro is pretty much business as usual around here: tightening up the course, making sure everything's in place, and high-fiving friends, family and Pros as they get to town. We took it to the Bricks after the park closed for the SPoT & Friends art show. Random photos and artwork centered around moments in Tampa, submitted by friends in the industry and local homies. The booze was flowing and everyone was getting settled in. Check out some photos of the evening.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Check out this Thomas Campbell custom deck on display. You can see more of Thomas's work at the Element Pro Party tonight, starting at 6pm.
Todd Bratrud, who did the artwork for Tampa Pro this year, had some pieces on display.
More Bratrud art.
More original Tampa Pro artwork from Todd.
I can really identify with this piece.
Jeff Reeves with Kenny Belov, Gavin Napoli.
The Boards for Bros crew in full effect!
Tampa posse represent!
Chaz Miley, James from Atomic Tattoos and Chris Brown.
Photo wall featuring work from Rhino.
More photos from Jordan Brown and Rhino.
Uncle Sam was loving this photo of Bart Jones.
Viewing work from Seamus Gallagher, Rhino and others.
More great photos from our friends and family.
FSEC member Casey Wayne checking out work from Josh Bowser.
Thanks to the Bricks staff for holding it down and keeping our drinks full.
Pat Stiener(TOA), Rob Collins (CONS) and Adam Washell (SPoT) catching up.
Don't know who's dog this was, but he sure was popular all night. That's Keren from SLS, who helps out with social media.


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