Tampa Pro 2017 - Finals Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Finals Coverage

Posted on Monday, March 6, 2017 by Chris

An amazing end to one hell of a weekend. Tampa Pro has once again delivered some of the best skating on the planet. This year we add a new name to the list of winners, and that person is Louie Lopez. We couldn't be more stoked for Louie, who is a super humble dude and definitely deserved it. Check out some photos from Finals and stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode, coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
Start off where we left off last night, Cody Lockwood still feeling the high from last nights winnings.
Chris Cole kicks off morning practice with a Backside Flip over the long box.
Torey Pudwill also warms up by goin’ up with a BS Smith.
Mike Roger’s from Grind For Life says What’s Up!!
The semi-finals, a meeting place for Brazilians. Carlos Iqui links up with his crew via Nollie Heel Front Board.
Luan comin’ in like a fine tuned athlete with boosted Nollie Heel over the corner.
Unfortunately there has been a few brawls during this Tampa Pro weekend, here’s one of em.
Alec Majerus, Switch Front Crook the Hubba.
Louie Lopez hittin us with new shit we have never seen before like this first half of the Back Smith drop to Back Smith.
Shut up yuh stupid banana head! Photo bombers bedamned!
Another angle of Shane O’Neill's Switch Flip BS Noseblunt.
Kelvin Hoefler has got his moves and he’s got em on lock! Kickflip Crook down the Hubba.
Those damn yellow shirts doin bad boy stuff in the backroom!
Tiago Lemos makes the finals and celebrates with a Crook up the Hubba.
Spoiler Alert! Louie was also still hangin’ in there too. ; )
T-Puds back in with uh FS Blunt down the Hubba.
Cobra also back in the Finals with a Fakie Switch OverCrook .. Damn!
Legendary to say the least. Filmmakers Ty Evan and French Fred talk shop. Can’t help but wonder what kinda ideas they’re throwing around.
Luan Olivera kicks off Finals quite literally with a Nollie 180 Kickflip.
Super rad to see Tiago in Finals, even radder to witness these Switch Front Blunts down the Hubba virtually every try.
Manny knows when you’re around J-Scott that you gotta keep dem hands downn!!
Torey finishes in Top 10 spot with swanky moves like the b/s 180 Fakie Crook down the rail.
After his run, T-Pudz shares some old road stories with the boys!
Golden Ticket winner Tommy Fynn B/S Noseblunt Slides his way into 7th place, not too shabby!
DJ Cheeseburger throws down some dope beats for the Final Showdown.
Boards For Bros, a great organization. If you hook them up, they’ll hook you up!
Kiko excepts the award on behalf of the Auxiliary Channel that handles the live broadcast.
Lifetime Achievement award goes to the more than well deserved Donny Barley.
No surprise whatsoever that Milton Martinez took home the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Evan Smith excited to take home the Bromander in Chief Award.
Ishod Wair takes home G for Effort.
Milton Martinez is going to the SLS Pro Open!
Nyjah runs away from his shadow and makes 5th Place.
Nollie Tre F/S Board used to be a KOTR challenge, and now is a trick Shane O’Neill does casually in his run.
The top 3!!!!
3rd place winner Kelvin Hoefler puts down a Kickflip Front Blunt Slide for the crowd.
Podium local Luan Olivera Kickflips over the small Hubba like it's nothing.
A huge congrats to Louie Lopez on winning it all!!! A humble ripper out there doing it for all the right reasons!!
Let me reiterate: we could not be more hyped for Louie!!!!
That’s a wrap for the 23rd Annual Tampa Pro! Thanks to everyone involved who watched and contributed in any sort of way, making it one of the best Tampa Pros to date!!


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