Face Melters With Taylor Kirby - Live Webcast at SPoT

Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 by Chris

Taylor Kirby has something insane planned for the next episode of ETN's Face Melters, and we'll be showing it live, right here at SPoT's new Transitions venue and throughout the park. It goes down at 7:20pm, so don't sleep. Can't make it? You can always watch it live by going here.
Not familiar with ETN? It's the newest network for live skateboarding events. Check out a quick recap below of what's gone down so far...

Event Details

  • Face Melters LIVE with Taylor Kirby
    • Live webcast in the new SPoT Transitions Venue and around the park
  • 7:20pm ET - webcast begins
  • Download the ETN app for iTunes or Google Play, or watch at ETNLive.com