Boards For Bros / SPoT Go Skate Day 2017 - Mission: Cuba Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards For Bros / SPoT Go Skate Day 2017 - Mission: Cuba

Posted on Friday, May 12, 2017 by Chris

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We need your help to fill the gaps in our donations and purchase the supplies we need to make 100 complete skateboards. We can assemble one high-quality, refurbished skateboard for $20. Please help us make this happen! A donation of as little as $10 will purchase a set of trucks for a skateboard. Thank you for helping us change lives, one skateboard at at time. Visit the Boards For Bros page by clicking here

Event details

Cuba Skate mission (SPoT’s schedule is June 17 - 22 / Amigo Skate Cuba's Schedule is June 19 - 26)
  • June 17(Saturday) - Arrival to Cuba, skate, explore
  • June 18 (Sunday) - Skate, explore
  • June 19 (Monday) - Mini Project Build (First mini ramp ever in Cuba), Boards for Bros Board build and distribution
  • June 20 (Tuesday) - Skate, explore, Collaboration Skate/Art Project(B4B NYC), Skate Meet and Greet on Prado and Opening Party
  • June 21 (Wednesday) - Go Skateboarding Day
  • June 22 (Thursday) - 7 year anniversary photo-show and video presentation at Fabrica De Artes Cubano, Foundation "Oddity" video premier
  • June 23 (Friday) - Skatepark clean up and mural painting
  • June 24 (Saturday) - Skateboard mini ramp contest at skatepark, Tattoo Class and Expo
  • June 25 (Sunday) - Downhill Longboard Speed Races
  • June 26 (Monday) - Amigo Farewell Beach Party
Check out Amigo Skate Cuba's website here.


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