Happy Thanksgiving From SPoT! Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Happy Thanksgiving From SPoT!

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 by Chris

Yeah, we know Thanksgiving is great because you get to stuff your face with tons of delicious food and then take a nap for half of the day...but the best part is that (almost) all the skate spots that you'd normally get kicked out of are CLOSED. That means while everyone else is taking a break from their place of business, you can go shred til you puke. A few examples that have the best terrain and highest chance of getting booted are: banks, post offices, schools, pretty much anywhere in your downtown area...the list goes on. Plus there's barely any traffic on the roads, so you and your homies can basically just take over the city and hit every perfectly crafted bank / ledge / stairs / rail you can think of. If there's one thing skateboarders can be thankful of on this day, it's that fact. So while you can't skate at SPoT today, at least you have your entire city / town to explore...and we might even be skating the same spots. Happy Thanksgiving.

Video: Josh Bowser


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