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Tampa Pro 2018 Ticket Guide

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2017 by Chris

The purpose of this is to answer any questions you have about seating and ticket prices at Tampa Pro. We'll do another one of these for Tampa Am, but hopefully this answers any questions you have. If you still need something cleared up, check out the official event page here or email us at info@skateparkoftampa.com and we'll be happy to help.

How do I get tickets?

That's an easy one - go to the Will Call ticket page here to buy them. If for some insane reason you don't own a computer or device that has internet, you can get some in the SPoT Shop here in Tampa. Just ask a staff member for help.

How much are they?

Prices for each day are different:
  • Friday = $10 (Industry V.I.P. & Team Manager Contest, Practice)
  • Saturday = $15 (Tampa Pro Qualifiers, Indy Best Trick Contest + Converse Concrete Jam)
  • Sunday = $15 (Tampa Pro Semis and Finals)
We're also offering Weekend Passes ($30), which get you in each day, plus all the night parties AND you save $10. Oh and did we mention there are V.I.P. tickets?

What are the V.I.P. Tickets?

Good question - these tickets are limited to only 30 and are $80 a piece. UPDATE: THE FIRST AND SECOND ROW TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. Here's what you get:
  • Free parking all weekend
  • The best Tampa Pro spectator seats in the house (see the chart below) reserved just for you
  • Entry each day + night parties
  • A free 11" x 17" 2018 Tampa Pro poster with artwork by Andrew Schoultz
  • **NOTE: The second row V.I.P. seats are $60 and listed on the chart below. You get an 85% view of the course, plus your seat is reserved, so they're still pretty damn good tickets. Email us at info@skateparkoftampa.com if you have any questions not answered here.**

Click for larger view

How do I get my tickets?

Other than the V.I.P. passes, we don't do physical tickets, so you won't be getting anything in the mail. What you should get is an email confirming your purchase, but hit us up at info@skateparkoftampa.com if you don't. We have wristbands that go with each day, and some that go with the Weekend Passes and V.I.P. tickets. You can pick yours up the week of the event. Here's what you need to claim them:
  • If you bought them online - First and last name of the person who ordered the tickets.
  • If you bought them in the shop - just save the receipt and bring it back the week of the event

Switching tickets, refunds, etc.

This is on a case by case basis, but the general rule is all ticket sales are final. If you can't make it and want to give your homie the tickets, just make sure they claim them under your name. Any other ticket issues, please email info@skateparkoftampa.com.


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