Sunday Morning With the Innocent Skateboarders Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Sunday Morning With the Innocent Skateboarders

Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Booze Cruise photos and video are coming up after Durke writes the captions for me. After Friday night's sauce assault, I did not have it in me to repeat on Saturday night. I woke up early on Sunday and joined the 12 and Under Session at the Park. Old ass dudes like Schaefer, Durke, and I are excused and allowed in the session as long as we help with lessons and teaching the kids. I took a few photos during our fun morning with the innocent skateboarders. What an amazing age in life. These kids don't care if Sheckler or Dyrdek or Guy Mariano is cool or not and it doesn't annoy them that someone who wears "beat people up clothing" still has a career in skateboarding. Don't ever grow up, kids. I'm still trying to figure out how to trick myself into thinking like they do. Being a skateboarder sure helps with that.

If it wasn't for that grown ass man body and leg warmer tats, Schaefer's 12 and Under-ish looking ollie could almost get him a pass to legitimately skate the session. We all wore helmets today so we could be down with the tykes
Julluis Jimenez isn't a decade old yet. He's already got a good looking backside disaster
This is my newphew Quinton. He's just now getting into skateboarding and learned frontside kickturns today. He hasn't reached the decade mark either
This is David Wilt. I did not have the heart to put a toilet on this non-make of a kickflip nosestall. By the time you read this, he'll have it down anyway. They learn quick
This is Tristan. I'm over a quarter century older than he is, but today, our skateboards had us on the same level
After a long day working in the sketchy skateboard industry, Julluis shows how I like to plop down on the couch
Have you heard about how much money Zumiez is losing? We figured we would help them out with all this coverage on the Zumiez couch. That's Cameron flipping out
Whoa, I didn't know Schaefer had the old meron grab. Must be the helmet
When I asked Chris if he wanted to shoot a photo of something, he immediately went for the stair set, hucked himself, then took out both of his knees. I felt so bad. So, we took it down to this little drop. Next time, Chris
Tristan has a full four frames worth of patty cakes here on this frontside 180. So awesome
No pooper this time. David Wilt rode away from this ollie clean. Looks like he's going to grow up and be a nerdy computer programmer like me
Steven put on a helmet and helped out with lessons today, too. When was the last time you saw a slob boneless?
Chris waxed up the rail and his board then called me over to document this boardslide into the bank
Tristan hit the ground like a slinky on his first attempt at this bomb drop. He stepped right back up and rolled away from this one
Durke Schmidt and I are three times the age of all the new friends we made today. Skateboarding makes you forget about that. That's a fakie ollie. This weekend, Durke was that "one more" guy. Thanks for the good times
I feel real safe with a helmet on doing this frontside big spin. Thanks for pointing the camera, Durke. I had a great time this morning. Due to traveling, I won't have another weekend in Tampa for three weeks. See you little tykes then and thanks for letting us grown ups barge your 12 and Under Session


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