Maloof Money Cup Launch Party 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup Launch Party 2009

Posted on Friday, June 5, 2009 by Rob

We're mixing bid'niss with pleasure here at the Maloof Money Cup Launch Party at the Palms Hotel in Vegas. Wish us luck. Braydon, please put some clothes on
Heels and bikinis were everywhere at the pool. I never figured out what that says on the skyscraper tramp stamp there
Braydon, Dyet, Who Dat, and Kurtis Colamonico. I bet if you took the shirt off that baby, he's got ink, too
It's a full shirtless shindig today. Clem just returned from Hawaii, hence, the shirt
Jason Rothmeyer and I - too cool for the pool with jeans and shirts on, plus no ink
Even photographers were getting nekkid. That's Shad Lambert in the center with Lizard King and Biebel. Check out Shad's site:
So now we're in the full blown club scene at the top of the Palms hotel. It takes lots of drinks for me to feel half comfortable in these places
Lizard King is making scarves evil
Adam Dyet and Dave Duncan were with the skyscraper stamp chick. When you get that on your back, they probably throw in the tongue piercing for free
Porpe came out to "work" with us this weekend. He boarded the plane in Tampa and by the time he landed in Vegas, he had lost is ID. Add it to the long list of Porpe travel blunders. The view off the edge of this crazy night club is insane
Wow, are we officially big time now that our logo has been ripped off? I'm looking forward to seeing Bryan Herman skate. Wait, no one's skating, it's all partying
Usually it's me in the wacky white suit, but this time Dyet's on it
Absinthe was everywhere with these weird serving things on the tables. Thanks to whoever provided all those free drinks
Meanwhile, back at the pool, there are girls like this making sure your liver doesn't rest
Darrell Stanton with a bit of the media frenzy at the pool
Know your sketchy skateboard industry bid'niss men. That's Ashton who does PR for etnies along with Jeff Taylor who heads up marketing for etnies. Schaefer is in the middle. There is not enough room here to explain what he does. These two etnies execs probably hatched the evil plan to bootleg the SPoT logo
The top and bottom half of Boosh. He was a little more sober than the last few times I've seen him. Time for some absinthe!
Of course, there's this going on. I did not spend a single penny on gambling this time. Because of that, I consider myself a winner
This poker game I played doesn't count as gambling. It was for charity. I had the pleasure of sitting with Brandon Biebel, Jake Duncombe, and Braydon along with several other colorful personalities
Who dat? This chick was being followed everywhere by that guy with the movie star glamor camera
I am now taking a walk through the Vegas Strip
This indoor place has a nice outdoor feel to it. I think this is Cesar's Palace I'm in now
All your gambling paid for this
Seriously fancy crap everywhere
My last photo of the night was Sammy Baca
Schaefer and I are now back at the airport yet again for a flight this afternoon to NYC to go check out Back to the Banks and Manny Mania. This time there will be actual skateboarding. See you there
One minute of random chill cam footage


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