Organika Quiz Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Organika Quiz Results

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2009 by Rob

Below are the results and correct answers for the Organika Quiz. If you were one of the first five people with the highest percentage correct, you will receive an email from me. Thanks for checking out the site and participating in the quiz.


What's the best time to start a skateboard career?

Option A: After mom kicks you out of the house.
Option B: Before nuts drop.
Option C: After a few years in prison.

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown:
116 (15.3%) chose A
587 (77.4%) chose B
55 (7.3%) chose C.

These days, what's the best way to get coverage in skateboarding?

Option A: Preach and proclaim your dedication to religious superstitions, then rap about drugs and sluts.
Option B: Invent 30 new ways to hippie jump.
Option C: Release footage of yourself skating in Timberland boots.

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown:
265 (35%) chose A
263 (34.7%) chose B
230 (30.3%) chose C.

What's the best way to keep your skateboard career alive without learning any new skateboard tricks?

Option A: Beat people up.
Option B: Dress funny.
Option C: Stay drunk.

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown:
98 (12.9%) chose A
279 (36.8%) chose B
381 (50.3%) chose C.

The formula for a successful website involves...

Option A: Hate
Option B: Love
Option C: Luck

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown:
274 (36.2%) chose A
185 (24.4%) chose B
298 (39.4%) chose C.


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