Friday Night in Rotterdam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Friday Night in Rotterdam

Posted on Saturday, July 18, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Sorry new friend, I forgot your name. They're repping 5Boro out here
That's Marco who works with Monika and Miriam who hired us to run the Grand Prix. Sorry we couldn't make stop raining. We will work on our anti-rain dance. There's this crazy magazine/book type thing Marco was passing out. All the pages are stitched together and you have to rip them apart to see photos, while the print is on the outside of the pages. This issues has the AmsterDamn Am flyer all over it
Hell yeah, Dylan Rieder is here. I'm a big fan of this guy and have been since he was a little kid skating Damn Am years ago. Yes, he dresses extra special and fancy, but he looks damn good on a skateboard on all terrain. Plus, he will never rap. And, technically, that's not a v-neck. Technically
Workshop crew - someone on flow, someone who's pro, and someone we now all know, thanks to Mind Field. Dylan Rieder, Jake Johnson, and Dylan Perry
The Perfect Man, Kenny Anderson, and his biggest fan, that one website guy. What the hell is the dark serpent with that tongue doing back there messing up my photo? Put that thing away and keep it off Cristel's hands, too
That's Cristel there. After DP introduced her to dark serpent Kenny Hughes, he licked the entire back of her hand when she went for a handshake. Cristel then turned to Schaefer and wiped her hand all over his face, causing him to scream, throw his arms in the air, and accidentally fling his camera through the air. Goodbye chill cam. DJ Wade is now using it as an ice cube for the night
Schaefer and Cristel - the last photo he took before chill cam down
This is a photo and the caption in that magazine Marco was passing out. What are they trying to say about this dude doing the nosepick?
They like their tights here. This is the second pair of hot pink ones I've seen so far. I wonder what snapped this girl's ankle?
DP got here a few days before we did and has been rolling in Amsterdam with Cristel. Rolling what? Weed probably. What else is there to do on a rainy day in Rotterdam? Seems like everyone from children to grandparents are lighting up here
There was a video premiere at this party last night. Ricardo Paterno there had a ripping part. As soon as this rain stops, we'll get to see him rip in the Contest. Rain, rain, go away. We'll have an update on the Contest status as soon as we figure things out


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