Rotterdam Grand Prix Street Semi-Finals Heat Sheets Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Rotterdam Grand Prix Street Semi-Finals Heat Sheets

Posted on Saturday, July 18, 2009 by Rob

Top two from the Qualifiers (Tim Zom and Curren Caples) go straight to the Finals.

Chris Oliver

(Blind, Vans, Billabong, Ricta, Venture, Oakley)
Heat One, 1st skater

Axel Cruysberghs

(Volcom, Flip, Etnies, Red Bull, Zumiez)
Heat One, 2nd skater

Peter Molek

(Volcom Europe, Jart Skateboards, Dekline Footwear, Independent Trucks)
Heat One, 3rd skater

Neil Smith

(Nike SB, Carhartt, Blueprint Skateboards)
Heat One, 4th skater

Collin Provost

(Element, Emerica)
Heat One, 5th skater

Max Kruglov

(Nike SB)
Heat One, 6th skater

Jake Johnson

(Alien Workshop, Quiksilver, Gravis, Autumn Skate Shop)
Heat Two, 1st skater

Ricardo Paterno

(eS, Matix, Expedition, Spitfire, Thunder, FKD, Left Skate Shop)
Heat Two, 2nd skater

Dan Wileman

(Globe, Crown, Skull Candy, Venture, Hubba, 50-50 Skate Shop)
Heat Two, 3rd skater

Alex Mizurov

(Plan B, Osiris, Dragon, Nixon, Silver, FKD, Oakley, T Mobile, Ogio)
Heat Two, 4th skater

Rob Maatman

(Emerica Europe, Zero Europe, Thunder, Spitfire, Burnside,
Heat Two, 5th skater

David Gonzalez

(Flip, Volcom, Globe, Mob, Ricta)
Heat Two, 6th skater

Korahn Gayle

(Blind Europe, 50-50, Skull Candy, Nike SB)
Heat Three, 1st skater

Tomas Vintr

(Vans, Vehicle, Crème, Indy, Ricta, Nike, Flip Skate Shop)
Heat Three, 2nd skater

Simo Makela

(Volcom Europe, Nike SB Finland, enjoi)
Heat Three, 3rd skater

John Koetzier

(Chocolate, Vans, Jessup, Super Fat Skate Shop)
Heat Three, 4th skater

Bastien Salabanzi

(Jart, Rusty)
Heat Three, 5th skater

Adrien Bulard

(Bud, Autobahn Wheels, Nike SB, Quiksilver, Metropolitain Boards)
Heat Three, 6th skater

Naverton Casella

(FTS, Media Arts)
Heat Four, 1st skater

Douwe Macare

(etnies, Burnside Skateshop, Eternal skateboards, C&B underwear)
Heat Four, 2nd skater

Fries Taillieu

(Analog, Gravis, Alien Workshop, Zumiez)
Heat Four, 3rd skater

Nelson Mosikili

(Ben G, Etnies, Crail, Wolf & Pack)
Heat Four, 4th skater

Phil Zwijsen

(Carhartt, Vans, Element, Eastpak, Lockwood Skate Shop)
Heat Four, 5th skater

Dylan Perry

(Alien Workshop, Skatepark of Tampa, etnies, Dakine, Bones, Destructo, Altamont)
Heat Four, 6th skater


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