eS Game of SKATE at SPoT 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

eS Game of SKATE at SPoT 2009

Posted on Friday, August 14, 2009 by Stalker

Footage by Steve Buggica and Joe Pelham

Photos and words by Stalker Steve

Stephen Buggica is ready to film some flatground
RayRay was sweaty within 10 minutes of everything getting started. It's summer in Florida
Body, amongst many other people, is totally thrilled Robbie Kirkland is living in Tampa again
Brandon Bristol is a little unsure of the scene
Jacob Krajewski shotgunning a Red Bull
The most awesome gear of the Contest
Robbie Kirkland wearing one of the Contest shirts. I didn't know they made them in XXL
Schaefer began his microphone assault pretty early into the event
If you watch the show "The Squidbillies," you'll think this hat is as funny as I do
Piro Sierra - frontside flip
We never got this kid’s name, but Clem just called him "Rob's son"
Rob's son again
Clyde Singleton's younger brother
Brian Schaefer, in between tweets
Shaqueefa's Bert and Ernie. Tommy Presley and Chris Jata were bummed on the double flips that eliminated them
RayRay tre
Stephen Buggica getting hi-def
Who dat? Pop shove it
I really didn't want to have any "who dat" unnamed skaters, but it's hard to avoid when people disappear right after their game. Hang out and be social with the photographer next time
AlBow had some harsh commentary for the Finals
Justin Nixon - hardflip
Chris Jata - nollie heel
Wyatt Woodward - frontside pop shove
Who Dat? Front shove it
Mike Dalbow - frontside flip
Kevrick Evans - nollie backside 180
Kevrick Evans - backside 360
Sam Bianchini - three flip
Sam Bianchini - switch heel
Brandon Berry - fakie flip
Mike Espinosa - switch flip
Mark Brown - hardflip
Mike Espinosa - switch flip
Ben Harper - switch front heel
Alex Brawley - switch heel
PJ Castellano - switch flip
PJ Castellano - switch hardflip
Alex Brawley - switch hardflip
PJ Castellano - switch backside flip
PJ Castellano right after realizing he's the last man standing in the Game of SKATE
I always tell PJ Castellano he should really embrace his Italian heritage and get a little more “guido”
Clem seemed pretty proud of PJ Castellano for winning the eS Game of SKATE 2009
Aaron Collier left before the prizes were given out so Brandon Bristol filled in, with 2nd place finisher Alex Brawley on the left and PJ in the middle
The announcer and organizer of the 'eS Game of SKATE Tour, Jay Brundage. Nice work
eS Footwear came through SPoT on Monday, August 10th for its annual Game of SKATE. Over 200 kids came from all over Florida to battle it out for a trip to California for the final Game of SKATE later this year. My favorite thing about a Game of SKATE is that it's one of the few things left in skateboarding that's something only a real skater can really, really get into. That being said, everyone there was probably a "real skater,” because the Contest was about four hours long.

Everyone sweated it out in the Park watching no-name kids and local ams go to work. Stand-outs from the games that didn't make it onto the Semi-Finals were Yonis Molina, RayRay, Brent Sowinskty, Tommy Presley, Chris Jata, and Sam Bianchini.

To eliminate spending too much time on each game, eS adopted a policy of all qualifying games to run on a "SK8" letter length as opposed to full "SKATE." The Semi-Finals were seemingly a long running portion of the Contest, with up to five and no less than three games going at a time, as everyone either eliminated themselves or advanced themselves forward to the Finals. It was almost too much to digest. As soon as a lane emptied from a game, another two skaters faced off and moved on or went to sit down, respectively.

I'd like to touch on a little problem Rob has had for quite some time, as have I. This is a good life skill as well: If you see someone take a photo of you, especially at a skate event like this, go talk to them, maybe give them your name, etc. It's not necessarily hard for a photographer to track you down, but it makes it a lot easier for us. Several kids skated in their game, got eliminated, or even moved on in some cases, and immediately left with no delay. I mean, you saw my flash go off, why not ask what the photo is for? Trust me kids, whoever shoots the photo shouldn't mind.

Ultimately the final game was a three-way (no homo) between PJ Castellano, Alex Brawley, and Aaron Collier. PJ had kept his tricks relatively simple until this point. Then he flipped some sort of mental switch and started doing ridiculous moves. Switch backside flips, switch hardflips, and matching anything Aaron or Alex had to offer and doing it at least a foot higher than the others. I don't want to sound like I'm favoring PJ because he's a SPoT local and former employee, but I am. It's not just because he's a SPoT local, it's because he really held it down. Yeah Petey!

Thank you eS for coming back to SPoT one more time to do this, all the skaters that came out, and everyone else who stuck it out for four hours in the heat. See you all again next time!


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