School's Out Jam 2012 Presented by KR3W Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2012 Presented by KR3W

Posted on Saturday, June 16, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

HiDefJoe's Footage

Tom Hodgson, thanks for always making the trip from Ft. Lauderdale. You can tell he's been here a lot by his mug shot history. You can also see he likes that hat. It's about time you got a photo on the site. That's a heelflip. See you at the next one, Tom.
Robbie Wadkins had a good showing in his first contest at SPoT. This is a front board to 2nd place in the 9 to 12 Division.
Harrison Grant traded the helmet for a beanie and did some growing up as you can see in his mug history. That kickflip over the bricks will be all grown up real soon.
Gio Trentalange just graduated from the 8 and Under into the 9 to 12 Division. He's diving right into the bricks.
Grant Stavas didn't get this feeble kickflip out in his Jam, but he got the rebate right after.
Marcos Montoya is frontside feeble grinding straight to 1st in 9 to 12.
Marcos Montoya's fakie ollie lit off one firecracker at the bottom of the bricks.
Michael Battle's got a frontside 180 down the bricks.
I love seeing the parents on the sideline backing their kids rolling.
Brandon Starr is getting Grizzly directly from Torey. He's always running the FBI style ear piece as you can see in all his mugshots. That's a ollie down the bricks.
Man, how tragic can a boardslide be when your legs are that short? Kyle O'Connor doesn't need to think about that. He's got it.
Chuckie Wooder is all smiles during his entire Jam, except when he's going for a varial flip. That's when it gets serious. He's taking the varial flip to new levels at each Contest. This is just an ollie here, though. We'll get that next time, Chuckie.
While the tykes tear it up, the grown ups are in the courtyard slurping free sauce courtesy of Narragansett.
Trevor Reed's karate chop skate shirt is pretty funny. That's a boardslide.
Tom's nollie heel sealed the deal for him to take 1st in 13 to 15.
Titus Massinello is consistently in the top three as you can see in his contest history. Today was no exception with 3rd in the 13 to 15 Division. That's a kickflip down the bricks.
You may know Alex Sperando from his 10/Two. That's a frontside hurricane to fakie.
Porpe does it all from announcing to contest set up to registration to photos to self filming to even flipping your burgers. That kind of work ethic will take you around the world and back.
Nick Noel is still 11, but he moved up to the 13 to 15 Division this weekend and made it all the way to 5th with the big kids. That's a switch ollie.
If you missed all the Krew stuff set up at the front of the Shop, it's all still on sale online through Sunday night. Supra is also 20% off.
This is my trick. I've been doing it since I was a wee little child. So, I've hijacked the name from "melon grab" to fit both my Asian pronunciation and the first few letters of my last name: Meron. This trick is officially called a Meron Grab now. Davin Wynkoop does them so damn good.
I want to tape a sign to this dude's back that says "click me."
Jonathan Jackson is swimming in Dad's leisurewear while kickflipping down the bricks.
Winners in the 8 and Under.
Mr. Norton is the happiest parent out with Darius and Damari both going home with a trophy.
Winners in the 9 to 12.
The Master of Ceremonies, Scotty the Body.
Winners in the 13 to 15.
That's a pretty amazing product toss grab.
Deein Coats is using the height advantage to walk away with this deck.
Clem's fulfilling an autograph request on the Nike book.
Bring your smelly shoe up to see who has the most busted one that will be coming up on a free pair.
Anthony Henderson - bigspin boardslide.
Tomorrow morning at 5:30am, we're off to Baltimore and then Detroit. It might be a bit for Joe to get his edit together, but when it does, it's going to be tight.
Ish is also a familiar face in the top five. That's a smith grind.
Abdias has had an amazing childhood growing up around SPoT. Look how good he turned out.
Tyson Peterson - bluntslide.
Casey, Pat, and Tommy are your critics for today.
I can't get through a Contest without at least one Who Dat? Nice Tampa Kit.
Robby Kirkland - kickflip front board.
Eric Testerman's 360 shuv landed him in 2nd for 16 and Up.
Yonis ran the GoPro helmet for a bit. Maybe we'll see that footage in HiDefJoe's edit.
Kevin Sikes - bigspin backside tailslide.
Thanks to everyone who sweated it out in the stands all day.
Niko Howard - bluntslide.
Devin Abreu - bigspin.
Jamie Foy - 360 flip.
Markus Jalaber - kickflip boardslide.
Alex Pellegrino wraps it up with one of the hardest tricks of the Contest - a switch hurricane to fakie.
Winners in 16 and Up.
Congrats to Markus Jalaber and his crew for winning the Sponsored Finals today. Get all the results at
I spy a GoPro high in the air. Watch for HiDefJoe's footage coming this week. Thanks everyone who was a part of the Contest and thanks Krew for backing it.


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