Element Evan Smith Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Element Evan Smith Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with kylejbraden came out on top. Check your email, Mr. kylejbraden. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

kylejb: Ive been waiting for him to go pro for a while now, SOTY 2013!!! 03/19/13 03:44 PM
Eudemo: Evan Smith is sponsored by ELEMENT! EARTH WIND FIRE WATER! 03/20/13 02:52 AM
victor: I want this skate because Im too nice ... then the match will skate with me 03/19/13 03:53 PM
Wball@: My wife got a tiny dog yesterday. Its been chewing on everything, and peeing everywhere. I need a vacation badly, but no cash to go on one. 03/19/13 05:11 PM
Ianb@b: The digital ninja is my daddy. 03/19/13 09:13 PM
desmon: EVAN your a great skater one of my fav and i think u should of been pro awhile ago cause u shred contest such tampa am hope to see u at pro 03/19/13 04:57 PM
tylerj: i cant wait for The Evan Smith Experience to come out the 21st Evan Smith is a beast 03/19/13 12:16 PM
bkbx10: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, im a trippin of my ducking balls, congrats evan 03/19/13 03:40 PM
Ausk8a: Evans skating is so rad. Its not the token tricks that have been done over and over. He's got a great spur of the moment style 03/19/13 04:32 PM
cs2521: Dpt rules, I want tix to Tampa Pro ! : ) 03/19/13 09:32 PM
Matted: Well deserved Evan! Great intro video and great to see! 03/20/13 09:29 AM
artesu: que chimba yo quiero la mía! 03/19/13 03:45 PM
abskat: evan smith rips! 03/19/13 03:50 PM
Jordim: Shout out to S FLA. born and raised 03/19/13 03:48 PM
TimDre: Bricks Squad 03/19/13 04:54 PM
turtle: evan smith and Austyn gillette should colab a video together 03/19/13 04:03 PM
senate: This dude deserved to go pro so long ago but deserves it so much! Congrats to Evan! Nature Peace= Element 03/19/13 04:50 PM
emaila: Woah! Evan Smith is a pro now! Holy crap. Hes always been one of my favorte skaters. I wish I could get his deck, But I'm broke. Meh. 03/20/13 11:24 AM
kellum: watchin this dude skate gets me so hyped to skate. even if its pourin down rain after watchin him ill go skate hard as. 03/19/13 03:39 PM
sbowes: I wanna get expierenced!~ 03/20/13 12:32 PM
Derekc: Element finally made the right call turning him pro glad they got a solid team since the element fall out 03/19/13 05:33 PM
griizz: Finally!! 03/19/13 03:52 PM
tony.n: SPOT or DIE! 03/19/13 12:28 PM
dropnb: Welcome to the Family. Meet your uncle Bam 03/20/13 12:42 PM
elemen: BIG E! 03/19/13 03:52 PM
Reigns: duck yes he is the best! 03/19/13 03:50 PM
tweeze: gimme gimme 03/19/13 03:40 PM
porpe1: I deserve this deck more than anyone. 03/19/13 12:18 PM
Therma: Shouldve gone pro a long time ago 03/20/13 12:49 AM
kylet.: Ive skated with EVAN before. That guy is sick. 03/19/13 04:25 PM
Matthe: Evan is the man 03/19/13 04:41 PM
Adamsn: Do you know myra/whos that/my right nut 03/19/13 02:36 PM
fric.m: Evan deserve it ! Ive seen him last year in Berlin, nice and cool man who can skate without fame manners! 03/20/13 04:48 AM
pedroa: My congratulations to Evan, i am a fan of him. Very technical skater, awesome tapes, awesome moves, fantastic skater, it was already intime! 03/19/13 03:45 PM
killar: finally another floridian is pro 03/20/13 08:44 AM
combok: Bout f'in time! 03/19/13 03:43 PM
harrys: Ive known Evan when he was ripping up the streets of Longwood Florida. It's good to see he's come such a long way. 03/19/13 10:50 PM
eviehi: Forget a Nyjah - Need that Smith grinds 03/20/13 12:33 PM
SpaceS: The board will do magical things to my skating skills! Please pick me the struggle is hard out here! 03/19/13 03:44 PM
loy227: OMG *_* 03/19/13 03:45 PM
sgogan: Evan is the bomb diggity. Hes the super bomb diggity dope. 03/19/13 08:52 PM
Jshiu9: Freeze ur stank ass shoes! An the Oder will go away!!!! 03/19/13 05:16 PM
aidan.: 03/19/13 03:58 PM
Mcraer: evan i happy your pro,but you know who else is a pro MY Momm 03/19/13 04:39 PM
nagleb: evan? evan is dat nigga. 03/19/13 03:47 PM
Justin: Atta baby! 03/19/13 04:11 PM
Franki: He should of won Tampa am! 03/19/13 04:28 PM
msende: Hells yea EVAN SMITH PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew it hook it up so i can get it signed by him this weekend!! SPOT 4 LIFE! 03/19/13 04:21 PM
jshg62: Evan Smith def deserved turning pro. Im super hyped for the guy I just hope he turns out another rad part for the rest of us to watch 03/19/13 09:40 PM
xBrain: Has such a sick style. Sicker style than Mr. T in a pair of overalls 03/19/13 03:57 PM
xnunno: Evan Smith is ducking awesome, the dude is like my idol, i play guitar and skate but ill never be nowhere as good as him 03/20/13 06:40 AM
Jooel_: Board looks sick! 03/19/13 05:04 PM
skatec: Congrats Evan! Was so tight meeting you this summer at a signing in Jersey! Good luck in Tampa Pro! 03/19/13 04:28 PM
neal.f: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG569wZI1Z4 03/19/13 04:05 PM
whipla: http://i.imgur.com/4Dx75Bq.jpg. No time to write a funny caption, my planet needs me. 03/19/13 03:40 PM
jeremy: Evan Smith is an amazing skateboarder and my idol. 03/19/13 11:55 AM
rob@sk: bout damn time 03/19/13 10:30 AM
Lostin: Bodystarhead 03/19/13 08:23 PM
Willbu: Cant wait to see him skate the pro!! 03/19/13 09:19 PM
justin: Evan deserves it completely he shreds. 03/19/13 02:08 PM
Currya: I love this dudes style and skating. I live how he flows through the park fast as duck without missing a beat. He skates hard, deserves pro! 03/19/13 05:24 PM
sasser: favorite young skater! 03/19/13 05:10 PM
nmusta: THIS CONTEST IS HORSE sheep. 03/19/13 03:43 PM
kyash2: about time 03/19/13 03:45 PM
ryanog: Congrats! Glad to be a part of Star Head Body! 03/19/13 03:48 PM
ea1222: I need a fresh deck 03/19/13 08:19 PM
bigbrw: Finally, This board would go with me everywhere 03/19/13 04:55 PM
zackn@: sauce the board over 03/19/13 04:20 PM
taylor: Evan Smith is an awesome tranny skater and i hope to skate like him one day. 03/19/13 10:18 PM
Crista: Evan smith is pro drink up 03/19/13 03:39 PM
Will33: Hope Evan brings something fresh to element... 03/19/13 04:55 PM
markli: category for submissive on a dating site? youre just a little bitch!! SKATE OR DIE! TAMPA TIL DEATH! Peace love a chicken greese 03/19/13 04:05 PM
mandmm: YAY THE BOY FROM O TOWN MADE IT! I still think he shouldve won Tampa Am 2011 but who could forget him celebrating 2nd with those red lollipo 03/19/13 09:45 PM
Lpesca: Wood me 03/19/13 02:05 PM
danche: wow sick graphic love to have it 03/19/13 06:13 PM
Sk8rbo: I started watching Evan skate a few years back and he has quickly became a favorite of mine. Definitely inspiring seeing as Im from NE ohio 03/19/13 11:58 AM
floidl: Awsome looking deck ya !!!! Luvin it \^_^/ 03/19/13 04:02 PM
mcleme: Understandable why he declined going pro before but duck YES EVANS PRO NOW! 03/19/13 04:54 PM
Chrisc: Sick dude knows how to get up from a big hit. Sickest atv Ive skated with. It's about time he turned pro. Good luck at Tampa pro 03/19/13 05:28 PM
Jmyers: I never win anything 03/19/13 05:23 PM
robmer: finallyyyyy 03/19/13 10:28 AM
sk8ste: element boards are my favorite. looking forward to his full length part on the berrics thursday 03/19/13 03:10 PM
mxmont: Damn if Im the 27th entry thats awesome since my birthday is the 27th of this month!!!! 03/19/13 03:41 PM
jackbo: evan is the dopestest 03/19/13 04:16 PM
gunner: UGH 03/20/13 10:57 AM
ahn12.: 03/19/13 06:32 PM
wallie: This guy probably owns a few Evanescence CDs, but his skating definitely makes up for that 03/19/13 04:00 PM
blue6s: Hes a douche. 03/19/13 03:50 PM
xwilyk: If I win Ill Nollie 360 port rail with the board and send you the footage! 03/19/13 06:17 PM
nipfra: i just had new baby and i said if i had boy i was gonna name him Evan. just because Evan is so duckin sick!!!! but i had a girl. lol!!! 03/19/13 05:03 PM
Randyo: I cant call it, but I think Evans got hella girth 03/19/13 03:47 PM
rfbast: I need this deck! Its perfect! 03/19/13 06:51 PM
r2shea: I like how he sparkles 03/19/13 04:27 PM
cutint: congrats Evan! Now can I have your baby? 03/19/13 09:55 PM
Pawlir: Evan Smith is pro already! Clark Hasslerhoff is weeping somewhere. 03/19/13 04:03 PM
madask: my first board was an element bam i have loved element since so getting an evan smith element board would be pretty sweet 03/19/13 03:12 PM
Swizzy: baby bottle pop is finally pro! 03/19/13 09:03 PM
Jimwes: Hey baby 03/19/13 05:12 PM
Lpesca: I need to get wood 03/19/13 02:03 PM
Tomt33: I need a new board my kids broke mine 03/20/13 07:23 AM
jamiey: This guy has the best style ever, stoked for him! 03/19/13 03:44 PM
nollie: yeah 03/19/13 03:50 PM
bullin: Im still wondering why Evan didn't place int the top three in Tampa Am... 03/19/13 06:30 PM
xxbfmv: xxbfmv420xx@aol.com 03/19/13 04:33 PM
xdcapp: PHELPS IS A DOUCHENOZZLE!!! 03/19/13 06:16 PM
torris: 03/20/13 01:55 AM
wrxtre: Evan Smith deserves this! Thanks Element and SPoT for hooking it up! 03/19/13 01:47 PM
ryanle: man ive been waiting for evan to go pro for so long. i used to skate with him at mr smalls im pittsburgh. much love, he deserves this 03/19/13 04:25 PM
erick-: Thanks Evan, keep doing what you do best, continue skating for yourself and we will thank 03/19/13 03:48 PM
mickey: he sucks 03/19/13 04:21 PM
andylo: met evan at dc king of dublin when i was like 11. asked him to sign my board and he just drew all over it. real cool guy though 03/19/13 03:49 PM
jeffwo: evan smith coverage king of 2013 03/19/13 03:49 PM
josera: YEAHHH FINALLY !!! 03/19/13 03:43 PM
cms104: well deserved. 03/20/13 01:19 AM
jailto: Is ducking amazing this model, i want 03/19/13 03:42 PM
Ioconn: Congratulations Evan dude! Your sicker than a small hospital!! Love the graphics too! Best of luck for the future you lucky bastard!!!!!!;) 03/19/13 04:31 PM
Skater: Hope evan is here for Tampa pro! 03/19/13 04:32 PM
skateb: Evan Smith is the dopest skater I have ever seen! I dont think anybody has been more deserving of being pro and i'm glad it happened! 03/19/13 06:49 PM
Lextux: Element is where its AT! 03/20/13 08:48 AM
mikeso: Rad skater ! Loved part in recent TWS video 03/19/13 03:40 PM
brian@: Bout damn time the galactic dude got paid! 03/19/13 04:23 PM
nikifo: Congratulations, Evan! 03/19/13 03:49 PM
Sevenm: Today at Midtown skatepark Evan will be hauling ass popping fat snaps and looooong grinds! Wish Imade it out to the Evan smith experience!! 03/19/13 06:45 PM
themag: What do you like better? dinosaurs or t-rexs? pesonaly im a polar bear fan. 03/19/13 04:16 PM
mushia: skate fast 03/19/13 11:57 AM
harold: no i will not make you laugh psh please. 03/19/13 04:36 PM
slymcg: Hell yeah Evan! Congratulations. R.I.P. Pepe Martinez 03/19/13 10:05 PM
koolbo: Evan is super gnarly. Pop, speed, board control, and a ragged ass bowl-cut. Those are the things that make a good skateboarder, correct? 03/19/13 04:00 PM
jessej: shiny deck is shiny 03/19/13 08:16 PM
Joseph: Why did the girl have sex with a mexican? because here teacher said she had to do an Essay! Hahahah glad you turned pro even smith AWSOME!! 03/19/13 05:12 PM
rayray: finally another floridian makes the cut 03/20/13 08:46 AM
coreyk: Congrats Mr. Smith, you for sure deserve it! 03/19/13 04:08 PM
Nhumph: Hell yeah even otown finest!!!!!! 03/19/13 08:24 PM
nico77: I remember watching him at Tampa am a couple years ago doing flip bs feebs like nothing, i knew hed make it. Congrats Evan! 03/19/13 04:31 PM
alex78: Get some! 03/20/13 03:54 AM
ginopu: evan smith is so sick and hes board gives you special powers 03/19/13 04:31 PM
nateca: evans feet smell bad and hes gonna win tampa pro this weekend! 03/19/13 04:08 PM
dackst: EVAN SMITH WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. 03/19/13 03:46 PM
6210@c: cool skater. cool skateboard 03/19/13 03:53 PM
Jrodri: I just started skating and one of the first videos I saw on youtube of someone rippin and shreddin was a video of Evan Smith he deserves Pro 03/19/13 09:42 PM
Swit90: StarT Hurting your body 03/19/13 08:24 PM
k7phil: Evans rad, skating's rad, and im po' so hook a brother up! 03/19/13 03:42 PM
kanowh: Evan Smith is an inspiration 03/19/13 10:04 PM
webb10: Evan Smith spelled backwards says this comment wins. 03/19/13 05:28 PM
kevin.: Evan is one of the most consistant skaters out there, he has so much flow and im looking forward to seeing him kill it in tampa pro!!! 03/20/13 07:48 AM
Justin: Mans been killing it for years , no one can top his buttery style. Tampa pro winner 2013 !! Fo sho! 03/19/13 05:14 PM
xrt772: Evan is a ATV slayer.. 03/19/13 03:42 PM
mpopow: Pure Style 03/19/13 03:40 PM
benlar: sheep yeah 03/19/13 03:46 PM
Rmille: Pierfest 2006 03/20/13 04:12 AM
dawber: Those smelly feet finally get to touch a board with his name on it. Congrats Evan your a true ripper! 03/19/13 05:40 PM
boardk: Evan smith deserves to be pro 03/19/13 06:10 PM
nokiae: Hey Rob, Im from the Philippines...I wish I could win this deck,because i donated my board to the kids who liked 2 skate here,TY god bless! 03/19/13 09:18 PM
nickfa: Congratulation!!! :) 03/19/13 05:43 PM
Dvc242: Evan smith looks like jimmy page. 03/19/13 09:05 PM
ole.jo: Evan is one of the most amazing skaters of all time, always looked up to him. 03/19/13 03:40 PM
Skatei: Evan smith reppin the burgh all the way!!! 03/19/13 11:44 PM
plasti: element! 03/19/13 03:55 PM
kaseyp: kaseypaulcantu@gmail.com 03/19/13 01:33 PM
sk8a4l: evan has some nice switch flips!!! 03/19/13 04:15 PM
llcool: 03/19/13 04:33 PM
Rjhall: Dont know much about Evan but I know he's been crushing it just like I crush the pussy 03/19/13 06:18 PM
mike.w: Smitty! 03/19/13 01:45 PM
greerf: He has already been PRO in my eyes since I first saw his skating. Now that its official I am so stoked for him. Congrats Evan! 03/19/13 11:05 PM
jdunn@: Much deserved! Congrats Evan! 03/20/13 09:52 AM
Adamsh: One question. Does the board come with grip? Haha 03/19/13 04:33 PM
brendo: Well done Evan on becoming PRO! Just seen youre video on the Berrics, looking sick! 03/19/13 03:44 PM
Pengui: Congrats, Evan! Youve got one of the butteriest styles out there. 03/19/13 04:29 PM
velezn: BANANAS! 03/19/13 04:18 PM
koalma: evans a sick ass skater, i skated with him at midtown, he is a bomb ass skater, deffinitely one the best 03/19/13 03:43 PM
jpenic: Go EVAN! 03/20/13 08:20 AM
florid: Would die for the new Evan Smith Pro deck!!!! Stoked for the video premiere in orlando! 03/19/13 03:56 PM
mewile: Keepin baggy pants alive... 03/19/13 04:42 PM
spyroi: plss! pick me! evan smith 03/19/13 01:27 PM
theria: I can see you pick your nose 03/19/13 11:52 AM
Djacov: Orlando! 03/19/13 01:46 PM
fletch: That kickflip off the bank to flat is right by my local shop! Shoutout to Mr.BikesNBoards!! 03/19/13 04:55 PM
Brownt: What did the light switch say to the hot girl? You turn me on 03/19/13 03:44 PM
camero: when i met evan smith here in virginia i didnt even regonize him he was so tall haha evan is such a inspiration to all the skaters! 03/20/13 07:46 AM
dillar: BIG E 03/19/13 03:51 PM
missre: Welcome to the fam, Evan! 03/19/13 03:42 PM
bberke: Evans skating is as smooth as Clements kid bottom. In all serious congrats to both Evan on turning pro and Ryan on the kid 03/19/13 04:56 PM
micepr: Spot is the sheep!! S/O to Piro Sierra and Jereme Knibbs! 03/19/13 06:12 PM
ghayes: Gotta be a dirty hippy reincarnated as a skater but its about freaking time! 03/19/13 03:58 PM
desmon: EVAN u should have already been pro like really your skateing is always on point you kill it in contest such as tampa and hope to see atpro 03/19/13 04:12 PM
mbarre: thas totse cray cray that my nig evan be rollin wit dem eloe boyz, best show out in my hood (tamps all day) 03/19/13 03:43 PM
skat97: send a deck up to maine in a snowstorm.. wicked funny huh? 03/19/13 03:41 PM
bryan.: Take me on a date to look at the stars on Evan smiths new board. 03/19/13 12:34 PM
Dopexs: Contatgulations to Evan ducking Smith for turning or I hope you dont rip your sack to asshole and rape all the competition twice! 03/19/13 03:45 PM
cpears: congrats evan smith 03/19/13 05:48 PM
brayan: él es un gran patinador en todo lml 03/19/13 03:46 PM
aba05@: evan smith, nick garcia and mark appleyard. psh and plan b thought their team was good 03/19/13 04:12 PM
peacoc: 03/19/13 10:52 PM
josiah: I dont know what to say here, because I'm not very funny. I'm more of a laugh-along guy. i'm sad now. i need Evan Smith boards. 03/19/13 04:02 PM
kevlo9: Congrats on going pro...u deserve it! Keep ripping! 03/19/13 03:53 PM
bencam: Congrats Evan! 03/20/13 11:52 AM
self89: The first time I met Evan smith he smelled like straight weed haha but he is such a down to earth person and Im super stoked he pro now 03/19/13 04:09 PM
mmcnit: He should of went pro a long time ago but the time finally came. 03/19/13 04:29 PM
iondre: He was a partial reason I got arrested in Orlando, i think he owes it to me. 03/19/13 05:34 PM
timoth: About time! 03/19/13 08:04 PM
bradle: EVAN RULES DROWNING CLOWNS KICK ASS!!!! 03/20/13 11:25 AM
sibby1: Todays your day babe, whatcha gonna do 03/19/13 05:02 PM
green8: even evan can find a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03/20/13 09:05 AM
pspodk: Nice graphic on the board congrats! 03/19/13 04:13 PM
bakers: Evan smith kills it, he makes a back lip or noseblunt look god-like,he kiled tampa am AND hes from florida! he deserves it all forsure 03/19/13 06:42 PM
pdtjr0: evan smith has such steez on those ledges man 03/19/13 03:16 PM
Dwight: entered because yolo 03/19/13 06:32 PM
nckhin: congrats 03/20/13 12:12 AM
alex.1: would be cool if i would win this and be my first element board and one of my favorite skaters even smith 03/19/13 04:35 PM
dvxpro: I politely asked the Drowning Clowns if they could send me Evan Smiths song from Cine.Project... They told me I could to shove-it and buy. 03/19/13 04:09 PM
lilcar: Evan is boss, please let me win this ducking product toss! 03/19/13 02:11 PM
Kyles5: Evan smith kills it and has always been killing it 03/19/13 03:42 PM
baseba: Love the city element. 03/19/13 03:46 PM
Soliem: I mean, this sheeps just sick... That's all. 03/19/13 06:13 PM
dbetz@: Congrats Evan! 03/19/13 04:20 PM
Charli: 03/19/13 07:30 PM
judahh: Finally the right time evan woo! gunna get 2 one to skate one to put on my wall so stoked man 03/19/13 03:41 PM
callou: seriously, who opened the portal between our universe and the Grand Theft Auto universe and let Pitbull through? 03/19/13 04:31 PM


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