Supra Jim Greco Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Supra Jim Greco Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "cutintopieces" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Cutintopieces. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

cutint: Them shoes is pertier than a speckled bird dog. 02/06/13 09:48 PM
jshg62: MC hammer over everything , Yuss! 02/06/13 09:38 PM
jbaker: Thats one hell of a shoe! 02/06/13 12:58 PM
xwilly: PICK ME PLEEEEEE 02/06/13 10:40 PM
Jmyers: Jim Greco dont give a fork about anything 02/07/13 10:43 AM
Lostin: Jim is given a new meaning to hitting the nail on the head since he was born 35 years ago! 02/06/13 10:10 PM
ea1222: I love these because I am old and can skate them, then wear them to work!! 02/06/13 05:39 PM
Emamel: Jim, bring your guitar back to Tampa. Row row row your boat! 02/06/13 09:49 PM
jake18: Sick!! 02/07/13 03:46 PM
samnig: Greco be killin it!!!! Hopin I can get some Hammers with my fat ass. 02/06/13 05:40 PM
Sgogan: Dropped so many hammers that I needed to buy a pair of carpenter jeans! 02/06/13 12:23 PM
marian: omg those look nice lol its hammer time 02/06/13 07:32 PM
alex78: Please Hammer dont hurt 'em. 02/06/13 11:14 PM
ninjab: some new shoes for the massacure comp would be so sweeeeeeet! lmao 02/07/13 09:19 AM
accool: my son wants these soooo bad!! 02/07/13 12:46 PM
bobbyx: damn i want to drop hammers in the toilet with these on! 02/06/13 04:28 PM
vicodi: can hammer 02/06/13 08:03 PM
kitgoe: droppin hammas like a clumsy construction worker dawggg 02/06/13 03:23 PM
sbowes: Size 12s got me swingin that hammer. Nailin' em... bang bang- Tone Loc, maybe 02/06/13 03:24 PM
jeremy: SPoT always keeps it real 02/06/13 11:20 PM
mickey: you spend all day on the phone anyhow 02/07/13 12:07 AM
brando: prolly a good shoe to jump down blue te.. oh wait 02/06/13 10:16 PM
conor1: These are the sickest supras thatve ever came out, aside from the skytops and societys. 02/06/13 08:24 PM
mccray: HAMMER 02/07/13 08:59 AM
dvsmzr: STOP. Hammer Time ;D 02/06/13 12:31 PM
heelfl: Hammer number 1? PRESENT! Jim Greco Hammer? I didnt win them did i? 02/07/13 12:26 PM
jesset: I cant wait for the glitter colorway when he starts dressing glam again 02/06/13 07:06 PM
ed.sla: I cant wait to see his part in the Deathwish video. 02/07/13 09:04 AM
Darrin: The Hammers are original, sexy and fresh. Not made of fake mesh like many of the rest. U wear Hammers its a tease, I wear size 10 please! 02/06/13 10:20 PM
mikeso: Just watched this commercial; Kudos to Jeremy Klein 02/06/13 09:12 PM
bryan.: Im in need of a fix, I'm gonna need some hammers 02/06/13 12:19 PM
killar: 50% of skating is getting hammered 02/06/13 09:58 PM
kickfl: Hammers hurt people. Thats not good, but this shoe looks good. so why is it called the Hammer? 02/07/13 08:53 AM
mavori: i need a new skate shoe.. my adidas are starting to get a big vagina whole size 5? 02/06/13 07:14 PM
rickey: I remember back in the late 90s at a zero demo and Greco threw his greasy leather jacket at me and told me to hold it. forking hammers! 02/06/13 04:14 PM
slymcg: Without those Hammers I feel lower than a bow legged caterpillar. 02/07/13 03:53 PM
xsandx: Greco is an OG been messing with secrutiy guards before we were even born 02/06/13 10:08 PM
rayray: 50% of skating is getting hammered 02/06/13 09:59 PM
thejac: Hammers I like. Hammer Hammer Hammers. Jim Greco throws hammers, so lets win his shoe shall we? 02/07/13 08:46 AM
demiya: first supra shoe that looks decent. 02/06/13 06:42 PM
Kenkwo: Smooth Rollin Shoe for sure. Win Hammers. Get Hammered. Save your Hammer toes 02/06/13 11:44 AM
Bakers: Hope i win! Greco shreds 02/06/13 10:35 PM
igordo: Nice shoes, and like Greco, Im an older skater still dropping hammers. I could definitely use a new pair and these would be perfect for me! 02/06/13 11:29 AM
flyrtm: When Greco jumps gaps and gets hammered to the head he uses his hammers to claim the sickest landing in his bag of tricks. 02/06/13 10:01 PM
jhathc: Hope these arent more like rubber mallets... 02/06/13 11:34 AM
barons: These Hammers will become the basic tool for my destruction. 02/06/13 11:37 AM
dereka: Supras for white people?! sign me up!! 02/06/13 11:35 AM
jnapol: i want this so bad, my shoes are ripped right now and plus i would look sick in these 02/06/13 09:16 PM
Kylejs: Greco is the muthaphuckin man 02/06/13 11:38 AM
jdunn@: Hammer, Please Dont Hurt 'Em! 02/06/13 03:57 PM
andyru: Grecos new shoe will be hella tight. I'm a CT local and my boy Greco skates hard! 02/07/13 09:01 AM
Matted: Help Im alive and my heart is beating like a hammer.. Sorry listening to too much metric lately 02/06/13 09:41 PM
zamani: size 10 in a half any colour. 02/06/13 11:38 AM
steve.: todays style shoe makes me sick 02/07/13 08:25 AM
llcool: lil wayng 02/06/13 12:25 PM
mazzas: Looks super sick! Greco is the shook! 02/07/13 12:30 AM
jengel: AShoe Haiku..."Jim Greco Hammer....Great shoe, Skatepark of Tampa...I shall wear with pride" 02/06/13 10:58 PM
gerry.: STOP!!!! Hammer time!! 02/06/13 03:19 PM
benj97: Im a man with a vagina that smells of onions, it tastes like them too 02/06/13 11:25 AM
poolsk: Hammers to me, are tricks that just make you feel good when you do them. Super tech, or something simple...after that, you go get corndogs. 02/06/13 09:41 PM
willbu: Hope these are better than the last pair of supras I had... 02/06/13 09:33 PM
gustav: Droppin Hammers since birth! 02/07/13 01:43 PM
karlho: Hammer time! 02/07/13 12:05 AM
Zackck: The hammers have to be the lightest most bangin shoe ever produced by the gods at supra 02/06/13 11:09 PM
sonicg: Im sure I can " nail " some nice tricks, wearin those Hammer shoes! 02/06/13 01:07 PM
dakota: Ive never gotten hammered for free. Please let this be the first. Size 10 02/06/13 02:29 PM
jakepf: They used to call my mom "The Hammer" in high school because of how hard she would intentionally foul girls in basketball. 02/06/13 01:02 PM
mattho: My friend alex and I were skating one day and I did a trick almost hitting him. I thought hed say he'd kick my ass, he saidheshookhispantsHA 02/07/13 01:09 PM
blue6s: It is undefiled wisdom instead of hypocrytical self-deceit. 02/07/13 12:06 AM
xtreme: I like hammers, I dont like touching actual hammers, but this shoe is legit 02/07/13 08:43 AM
davidt: 02/06/13 10:58 PM
emeric: millions of dead cops 02/06/13 08:01 PM
Baker.: F;)$ing awesome. 02/07/13 07:42 AM
ishall: Hammers, we throw them at people. We throw them down stair sets. 02/07/13 09:54 AM
Skater: These hammers make me hard... Theyre fresh and I can't wait to rock them! 02/07/13 01:36 AM
skully: if a bear shooks in the woods and noone is around does it stink? 02/06/13 11:37 AM
toaj00: First time to! Ive watched all the events online! Can't wait to come see the place in person! 02/07/13 01:11 AM
davidv: sickk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 02/07/13 12:25 AM
robmer: stop, hammertime 02/06/13 11:14 AM
Andybu: Winner winner chicken dinner 02/06/13 09:09 PM
bennyw: so i can nail 02/07/13 05:20 AM
Jimwes: If I had a hammer...Id wear a size nine 02/06/13 12:20 PM
Vinih7: Finally Greco came out with a shoe calling it the hammer just made it a classic. Roll through your old hood homie Connecticut misses you 02/06/13 11:43 AM
Rjhall: Tchrowin hammas 02/06/13 05:56 PM
wrxtre: Hope I win this time. Anyways, thanks for giving back to the supporters! SPoT FTW! 02/06/13 12:37 PM
jl1751: Aint nobody got time for pancake nipples. 02/06/13 10:12 PM
mkwon0: Piss Drunx! 02/06/13 10:34 PM
JMARKS: HAMMER ME BABIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 02/06/13 05:31 PM
john_d: skate or die 02/06/13 08:29 PM
gtx510: heroin rocks!!!!!!!!!!! 02/07/13 06:19 AM
Ianb@b: The Hammers are my daddy 02/06/13 09:24 PM
coloss: This shoe from supra doesnt make me want to vomit like the skytops do... Supra, maybe you are learning its not about you, but the consumer. 02/06/13 12:15 PM
fragth: MC Hamer got nothing on these 02/06/13 12:00 PM
Rmille: Pounded, not slammed 02/06/13 11:51 AM
brian.: Hammer This! 02/06/13 11:49 PM
sean.b: Hammertimeeeeeeeeeee 02/06/13 09:07 PM
raider: There are hammers everywhere, I hope I do not step one and stub my toe so I cant throw any!!!! 02/07/13 08:48 AM
mike.w: Whats with hammers ... Are they really made of ham? I mean come on ... 02/06/13 12:17 PM
abskat: nothing like hammer time on your feet! 02/06/13 11:24 AM
realsk: Jim Grecos one of my favorites. The ad for his new show was amazing 02/06/13 12:04 PM
kickfl: One time, someone threw a hammer at me, it missed, and then i kickflipped hollywood 16, coincidence? I THINK NOT 02/07/13 09:59 AM
Zooyor: Ive ways wanted to skate supras, but they're over priced! At least I think so! My dad doesn't even want to buy me anymore skate shoes. :/ 02/06/13 09:18 PM
parede: The hammer looks so sick and I would love to skate a pair! And I never win any giveaways lol. SPOT Life forever!!!!! 02/06/13 09:10 PM
willmo: i need new shoes. 02/06/13 12:37 PM
kickfl: Grey hammers, black hammers, Purple hammers? EVEN GREYER HAMMERS! Just...woah. 02/07/13 08:54 AM
mauric: grecos hitting them hammers hard! garry rogers...tsctsc 02/06/13 09:03 PM
hardfl: Hammers, Hammers, Hammers! Gonna throw some with this shoe! 02/07/13 08:44 AM
cs2521: About time some hammers started dropping ! 02/06/13 10:58 PM
Swit90: Jim G. -providing new meaning to the expression hit the nail on the head' since '77 02/06/13 10:09 PM
inward: This kind of reminds me of that time I threw a hammer at my friend, he cant skate. He broke his toe. 02/07/13 12:07 PM
elmust: Mjolnir is the name of Thors hammer. 02/06/13 10:36 PM
Trevio: Their pretty fresh 02/06/13 07:53 PM
bensto: size 11, SUPRRRRRRAAAAAA FO LIFEEEE 02/06/13 04:20 PM
kickfl: One time, someone threw a hammer at me, it missed, and then i kickflipped hollywood 16, coincidence? I THINK NOT 02/07/13 09:59 AM
vanjen: Hammers, they are made for smashing! And throwing down big hammers in this shoe!! 02/07/13 08:40 AM
alonso: the hammer would wicked on my medium feet so let me win i like vagina so its all good jk 02/06/13 06:15 PM
mewile: Gettin hammered in the Hammers... 02/06/13 04:15 PM
bernar: I like the purp ones a lot, what a sick color!!! 02/06/13 07:31 PM
josh.m: Greco will blow minds in 2013 02/06/13 08:02 PM


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