Photos From School's Out Jam All Ages Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From School's Out Jam All Ages Contest

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 by Chris

Our first All Ages Contest of the Summer is a wrap and we had a blast. It's great to see these kids constantly killing it, and the future of skateboarding looks pretty good. Here are some photos from the day.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Legend Lopez: Smith Grind
Zion Effs : Hardflip
Noah Pollard : Gap to Front Board
Noah Pollard : Back 180 Nosegrind
Jonny took home First Place, and a fresh black eye…The kid is tough!
The Shred Shed Crew took home a “Thanks for Showing Up” Award since they always bring all the crew. Thanks again guys!
Noah Nagaro : Smith Grind
So many Noahs...Noah Alderman : Backside Heelflip
Aidan Daubert : Front Feeble
Noah Nagaro : Back Smith
The team from Big Easy 'Bucha was here all day serving up FREE kombucha on this hot day. This stuff was seriously hitting the spot. Go get some at Publix then tell us all about it.
Logan Kincaid : Back Smith
Zay : Invert
Kris Clayton : Krooked Grind
Aaronn Depaulis : Back Smith
Liam Brocks : Front Feeble
James Cobb : Backside Flip
Matt Savidakis : Barley Grind
It was so sick to see Brian on the grill, serving up burgers and dogs to everyone.
“Act excited guys!” Great reaction.
Denzel Jennings : Heelflip Front Board
Denzel Jennings : Heelflip Front Board
Peter Kryger : Frontside Air Revert
Peter Kryger : Frontside Wallgrab
Wes : Full Speed Front 50 for Miles
Kris Clayton : Front Feeble
Drew Fall : Back Tail
Marse Farmer : Fakie Hurricane
Sam Bellipanni : Back 180 Nosegrind to Forward
Steven McKaig Gapped from the Skinny Quarter to 50-50 on the Wall Rail. Our minds were blown after that!
8+ Under Champs: (L-R) Dalton Smith (4th), Dylan McManus (5th), Jonny Rips (1st), Legend Lopez (2nd), Ian Mazer(3rd)
9-12 Winners: (L-R) Noah Kilson (4th), Dylan Labrake (5th), Noah Pollard (1st), Zion Effs (2nd), Hunter George (3rd)
Girls Division Winners: Courtney Block (2nd), Elliot Lopez (3rd), Mikaela Kwan (1st)
13-15 Champs: (L-R) Sam Bryant (5th), Beck Erskine (4th), Blaze Helgerson (1st), Noah Nagaro (3rd), Diego Cerna (2nd)
16+ Up Winners: (L-R) Marcellino Mendoza (5th), Freedom Charles (3rd), Joe Moulton (1st), David Kennedy (2nd), Dominique Jenkins (4th)
Sponsored Winners: (L-R) Steven McKaig (1st), Denzel Jennings (2nd), Wes Box (3rd)


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