Dirty But Sophisticated III Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Dirty But Sophisticated III

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 by Rob

Dirty But Sophisticated III
By Rob Meronek

When you have art, music, and fashion put together by people that aren't kooks, you know it's going to be a damn good time with all your homies for the night. That's what this one was. I snapped 458 photos this night - slightly trigger happy with that thing. Here's the filtered down list that sort of sums up the night. Email me if you want to see other photos that aren't posted here. Find out more about Dirty But Sophisticated on myspace. Click on a photo to leave a comment on it.

The night started out at a homie's house in Ybor. He has a stripper pole and a Ms. Pac Man game in his place. We should have just had the party there

As soon as you walk in to Czar, this is the scene you're a part of

I thought the camera I was carrying around was like a sack of potatoes, but then I saw Kyle Stone and his rig looking like a Jap on vacation, I didn't feel so bad. That's Johnny Blaze with him

I can't remember the artist on this one. Nice camel toe

The Senator was later on stage doing the full self-pepper grinder technique - yikes

Buffalo Stance has a nice mean face

DJ Craig Kaths makin' you bob and weave

Jill Trilling and one of her pieces at the show. This thing was amazing in person

They called this one "live art." Jay Giroux and crew were painting some crazy stuff on the walls next to the bar for most of the night

A little bit more of the live art wall

This was the scene in the other room at Czar where the live art was going down

This is Joel from Reax Magazine. I am no longer allowing people to throw out just another boring smile when I do the drunk self portraits. It's mandatory mean face from now on

Back to the other bar at Czar. I spend way too much time here

Oh man, this crew was going nuts from the get go. That's Buck Tooth Will of Gravy Records and Scott Dray about to shout obscene stuff at your girl

Scotty Dray was saying stuff to these girls that I can't even put on this PG-13 website

The Senator's best pals - Buck Tooth Will and Scott Dray

This DJ threw down some 80's tracks that had everyone jumpin'

Johnny Blaze and Drunk Aaron. You can find Drunk Arron (while sober) helping you out in the Shop at SPoT

Brian Schaefer - not quite a mean face, but it'll do

Frosty with the chick train - Raven who has a show coming up in Transitions Art Gallery, Amanda, and Sarah from Red Bull

Some of Brandon Dunlap's work

Buffalo Stance doing the buffalo stance while some dude gets busted picking his nose

Buffalo Stance gets hit on left and right. This guy here had the full blown solo boogie down with her ass while she wasn't looking

This chick, The Female Senator, was walking around straight up naked for most of the night. I guess someone finally made her put the pasties on

A damn good show put on by Breakdown - you better pick up his album here: Breakdown: Social Studies. Check out a sample track from The Ruckus featuring Breakdown

Yo Mona Lisa and Buffalo Stance throw out their best buffalo stance. Yo Mona Lisa, yours needs some work

Yo Mona Lisa's legs are going all the way up to heaven again on this foot fetish shot. For some reason, this is the only foot fetish shot I took for the night. I'm slipping

Brian Schaefer goes for the brumsky dive while using Jesse Norton's head as a shelf

Meanwhile, Scott Dray is spitting out mad game on the ladies. Nah, he's just scaring them

So the Senator's getting a little loose - good bye nightie, but somehow it still attracts the ladies

Another bar shot - this is the scene in the other room at Czar

That's Keith in the center and this is The Ruckus. They rip. Check out a sample track

Keith and the rest of The Ruckus crew

That's Breakdown on the right with some girls repping new The Ruckus CD

Not sure who this DJ is, but I was feeling all the DJ's for the night for sure. UPDATE: This is DJ Mega

That's Jovan. He lets us bring nuclear bombs through security at the airport when we travel

Jay Giroux was spreading the word about an after-party. I think the regular party was enough for me so I had the after-party passed out in bed

Whoa! Extra dirt rocking trailer park feet! I think she's going to need one of those things that scrapes paint off walls to clean that

This crew was having a good time simulating random sex acts with this glass aparatus at the bar


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