Motley Crue and Czar 3 Year Anniversary Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Motley Crue and Czar 3 Year Anniversary Party

Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2006 by Rob

Motley Crue and Czar 3 Year Anniversary Party
By Rob Meronek

So my night started with this crazy taxi driver going full tribal on the phone. Then it off to Motley Crue and on to the Czar 3 Year Anniversary Party...

So this foot fetish shot to start off the night shows how we got good seats to the show. Our club foot friend Gary here got us family access to the handicap section

Rokken with Dokken...oops, wrong hair band

Average age in the crowd - maybe 7 or 8 - in dog years

Are these my friends? I can't even tell

Foot fetish at the show with leg warmers - sexy

Kyle Stone is challenging cancer to a re-match. What a badass

Everyone had their best treads on tonight. That's the Gow brothers Ian Gow and John Gow with Kyle Stone

The hard stuff was going around all night with these girls. Don't do it, Frosty, don't do it! I think I have a thing for redheads

Kyle Stone - what goes down, must come up. You'll see later. Yeah, I definitely have a thing for redheads

Ryan Clements and Buck Tooth Will. Clements drinks espresso martinis - a nice grown up drink

Scott Dray pissing off the ladies as usual and entertaining us all in the process

The Senator is not the only wacky type that lurks at the Czar Bar

That's Java. She's a hot one, huh? She'll be part of the Infamous Show: One here at the Skatepark on December 8. It's a fashion show at Transitions Art Gallery featuring fashion from Suspicious Package, music from DJ's Noi and Funk Jesus, hair by Javaneh of Salon Bleu, make-up by Mac, and airbrush art by Skip Sampson while you enjoy free Stella and an open Red Bull bar if you're over 21. Starts at 9pm.

Seems like the entire Skatepark staff and locals crew was out at Czar. This is Robby Kirkland, soon to be the guy that takes the photos of the products for the online store. Everything's on sale tomorrow. Don't miss out

How did a full gambling session not break out with Chris Jata in the place?

Breakdown is doing a show in Transitions Art Gallery tonight. See you there. This dude rips. Check out a sample clip of The Ruckus featuring Breakdown. Also tonight: Ranmecca

Ya see? I'm not racist. I have a chinky ass slant eyed oriental friend. This is Leah

You know Schaefer's had a few when he starts picking people up

Even when I'm hammered, I can still pause for a foot fetish shot

Allison doesn't look to comfy with The Senator's company

Kyle Stone, on the other hand, is looking WAY too comfy with The Senator's company. That's Drunk Aaron with him

That's Ashlee with The Senator and a naughty Santa's helper

Allen Russell and The Senator reunite

Lehman and Ashlee. Hmm, is Czar 18 and under now?

Sean and Frosty in full Christmas spirit already

Kyle Stone can beat cancer, but he can't beat the bottle. I told you Kyle, what goes down, must come up

More of my oriental friends, Natasha and Queena, with that craka Jata. Natasha's last name is White. She should get it changed to Yellow

Hmm, are these my new friends? I can't even remember. I hope I said something cool to them. That's Schaefer and Furlong with them. I just saw Furlong on TV doing a 540 backside grab. Hell yeah, Furly

Had enough of The Senator yet? Well you better just go ahead and close your browser now because there's plenty more coming up

Ok, so what the hell is The Senator saying to these girls right now? What kind of pickup lines does this guy use? I can just imagine

Wastoid foot fetish number three

Michelle works at the Post Office. Her chances of going postal increase tenfold during the Christmas season. Do us all a favor and email your Christmas cards so she doesn't come to Czar with an uzi and waste everyone

I told you Frosty, don't do it. You probably want to be awake when girls are doing this to you


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