Boards for Bros 2009: The Day We Distribute Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards for Bros 2009: The Day We Distribute

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Boards for Bros is Skatepark of Tampa's charity. We collect used skate stuff all year long, plus have our friends at skate companies donate things to build complete skateboards. Special thanks to Girl, Element, Royal, Ocean Avenue, Sole Tech, Indy, and Adio. Each year on the Saturday morning before the Ghetto Christmas Party, we pile them all in a truck and drive around looking for kids who could use a hook up.

Thanks to Girl, Element, Royal, Ocean Avenue, Sole Tech, Indy, and Adio for hooking it up gear. Rick Howard even sent a bunch of his shoes.

It's not just companies that contribute. We collect all your used and donated items in the Shop all year long, so if your stuff is in here, thanks so much for helping us create a ton of new skaters today.

It's takes a full assembly line to load up all those boards. Don't carry too many, Giles.

Girl sent full completes and it wasn't last year's rejects, either.

Our stops included random homes where families were just hanging out in the front yard having a fun Saturday afternoon. Rich, uptight neighborhoods put huge walls in their front yards. We're staying away from there.

This kid in the video was an instant manny champ.

Another random house stop where a new skate family is created.

A random distribution at a stop sign.

The pickup trucks in these neighborhoods are a little different.

This random new skate dad threw his new skateboard right into the stroller.

The distribution crew.

Another new skate family.

Another new skate family.

A new skate mom with a baby in one hand and smoke in another.

This is how our front yards look in Florida. Camaro on blocks.

The older dudes took a minute to warm up to us, but after they let their cool guard down, they were all rolling and busting their asses like the kids.

I've had my car for eight years and have never seen the engine or opened the hood, but for some reason I want my next car to be something old and classic like this Impala. Might be time to learn how to open the hood soon.

Some kids take a board and go running away with a smile.

Looks like we turned this parking lot into a skate park.

Our new friends at a random apartment complex stop.

I hope this piece of wood and wheels has the same effect on his life as it's had on mine.

Brand new skate moms.

Is that baby's momma or baby's sista?

Dudes were hyped on photos.

Two more brand new Girl completes.

These babies are so icy.

Our new friends at yet another stop.

Dude on the left - would you call those shorts or pants?

Every one of these kids got out of the back seat of a small car that stopped while we were in front of some house.

Lucky knees at our last stop. See you all next year.


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