Maloof Money Cup OC 2010 Weekend Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup OC 2010 Weekend

Posted on Monday, August 9, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Not everything Porpe does is sketchy. This switch ollie down the double set was nice and level.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
When I rolled up to my friend Paul Kobriger getting close on these front blunts on the volcano at Maloof Money Cup in Orange County this weekend, I could almost tell he was new to this trick. A few tries after I started shooting it, he made this one clean. Turns out it was his first one. Hell yeah, Paul. Here’s to learning new tricks well past our teenage prime.
RP Bess from World Industries was part of the early morning industry guy sessions.
Lorena Lima and the girls are stepping it up more and more at each contest.
Skater Profile: Lorena Lima
Elissa Steamer took some serious slams going for this nosepick on the rock. I would not be able to skate after just one of those types of piles.
Skater Profile: Elissa Steamer
Pause for a foot fetish with Oliver from Nike SB and his secret P-Rod 4's.
Skater Profile: Oliver Flores
I don't really like to think of myself as part of this media circus, but I guess I am. I shoot photos in the opposite direction everyone is pointing in an attempt to feel different.
Leticia Bufoni did back smith on the big blue rail in section three and won it for the girls.
Skater Profile: Leticia Bufoni
Former pros and now champions of skateboard bid'niss at Deluxe, Jim Thiebaud and Mickey Reyes.
Skater Profile: Jim Thiebaud
Six months after his motorcycle accident, Mike Franklin is well on his way back to recovery.
Skater Profile: Mike Franklin
The cups and the hired help.
Man, how does Theotis Beasley skate with that little kid griptape and those 80's colored wheels?
Skater Profile: Theotis Beasley
More cups, more hired help.
Gather up all the hired help, there's about to be a show.
And that show is Lil John making the whole place jump right on the street course before the Finals. Thanks for the entertainment!
Skater Profile: Lil John
12 in the Finals.
Right after this switch heel, Evan Smith did switch varial heel just as good. I was still picking my jaw up off the floor and missed it.
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Some Skatepark of Tampa Party Teaming going on upstairs in the VIP.
The Fuel TV staff that helps announcers and the rest of the people running the event stay on track and on time.
Jake Duncombe - nollie backside flip off the bump.
Skater Profile: Jake Duncombe
Did you know that a big crowd of human bodies in between a router and a wireless device like an iPad will cause the wireless signal to go down to nothing? Me neither. After the first jam ended in section one on live TV is when I discovered this and went into a frantic panic passing the word along to the Fuel Staff and announcers that we were in technical difficulty mode. After the crowd disbursed a bit, scores were successfully submitted and I could calm down again. Whew. Other than curve balls here and there like that, the iPad scoring system we designed worked great. We have another round of improvements to make it even easier to use next time.
The judges are looking like a mid-30's boy band with announcer Vern Laird in that pose.
Jereme Knibbs and Barak Wiser were at Coastal Carnage all weekend, but were able to make it over for the Finals at Maloof afterwards. Thanks for covering for me over there, Barak.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
When I saw this line-up of hired help there waiting for the winner to come and join them, I had to take the opportunity to pretend I was the winner for a second.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek
The other side of the media frenzy.
Chris Cole is in there somewhere. I had to bow out of the champagne shower to protect the gear. See you next year.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
The hired help got a hose-down.

Colin Clark Footage: Maloof Money Cup Pro Finals 2010

Sean Malto, Nyjah Huston, Torey Pudwill, Billy Marks, Tommy Sandoval, Ryan Decenzo, and Chris Cole in the Finals at Maloof Money Cup Pro.

Colin Clark Footage: Maloof Money Cup Am Finals 2010

Louie Lopez, Corey Kennedy, Kyle Walker, Austyn Gillette, Evan Smith, Theotis Beasley, Ishod Wair, and Tom Asta in the Maloof Money Cup Am.

Colin Clark Footage: Saturday Ripping at Maloof Money Cup

David Gravette, Adam Dyet, Justin Brock, Jani Laitiala, Mike Anderson, David Gonzales, Nyjah Huston, Jack Curtin, Tommy Sandoval, Chris Pfanner, Geoff Rowley, Johnny Layton, Chris Cole, and Ryan Decenzo on Saturday at Maloof.

Colin Clark Footage: Maloof Money Cup Last Chance Qualifiers

Rodolfo Ramos, Danny Cerezini, Tony Tave, Anthony Shetler, Kurtis Colamonico, Jordan Hoffart, Tyler Hendley, Joey Brezinski, Fabrizio Santos, Chris Haslam, and Jereme Rogers skated the Last Chance Qualifiers before the main event at Maloof Money Cup.

Behind the Scenes at Maloof Money Cup

iPad judging on this crazy system SPoTlight Productions designed for scoring, madness in the TV production truck, nerding out on computer code, amazing skating, and Porpe and I over-hyped on's been a real fun weekend so far as of Saturday night.

Lil John Performs on the Street Course at Maloof Money Cup

First it was Nelly on Friday. Weird. Whatever. Then it was a great Ludacris show on Saturday. On Sunday, Lil John blew the doors off and had the entire crowd jumping up and down before the Street Finals got started, but not before Mark Waters did some course clearing security work.


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