DC King of Montreal 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

DC King of Montreal 2010

Posted on Monday, August 23, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Micky Papa is about to do a nollie big flip out of this crooked grind on the bike rack.
Skater Profile: Micky Papa
Alexander Mitchell got $1,000 for Gatorade's Go All Day award. He was ripping on everything from the flat to the bike rack to the stairs. Super nice kid, too. He makes a point to introduce himself to everyone. People don't forget little things like that. This is a front feeble on the bike rack.
Skater Profile: Alexander Mitchell
Dillon Moore is about to shuv it out of this front bluntslide on the bike rack.
Skater Profile: Dillon Moore
Ridin' nerdy, Pat Tremblay, on a kickflip. It's funny how just a pair of a certain type of glasses can make you look like you're straight out of a science fair.
Skater Profile: Pat Tremblay
Neil Blackwood's moustache is no joke, literally. He had one last year in Vancouver, too. Serious.
Skater Profile: Neil Blackwood
This little man is Gab Venoit. Looks like he's got some kind of double jointed sidewinder knee bend. Check the middle frame on this backside heelflip.
Skater Profile: Gab Venoit
There's Gab's sidewinder knee again on a varial heel, known to you (us) older folk as a shuv it heelflip.
Skater Profile: Gab Venoit
Antoine Asselin blew everyone away on the Peace Park section. After he was so far in the lead, it didn't look like anyone was going to be able to catch up to him in the second section. Each section's scores counted towards half your final score.
Skater Profile: Antoine Asselin
Shortly before his jam started, Josh Clark requested that we hold the Contest up so he could run and go poop. It's no Take a Poop on this bump to tailslide, though.
Skater Profile: Josh Clark
I missed so much of the amazing ledge destruction. Micky Papa's nollie flip noseslide was just a small sample.
Skater Profile: Micky Papa
Thanks to Trevn and the DC crew for having us here to help with the Contest.
I missed a lot of the second section after getting trapped up in some scoring work. When I finally got there, I walked into Brandon Del Bianco doing trick after trick down it. It was almost like he did 16 tricks in a row, except this time it was a 1st place finish. This nollie flip was perfect.
Skater Profile: Brandon Del Bianco
Brandon Del Bianco - switch 360 flip to 1st place in the Pointe-à-Callière section.
Skater Profile: Brandon Del Bianco
Jon Cosentino - switch heel.
Skater Profile: Jon Cosentino
Jon Cosentino - switch frontside bigspin.
Skater Profile: Jon Cosentino
Antoine Asselin got stuck on trying to make a big flip down the set that never happened. All he got in before time was up was this frontside 360.
Skater Profile: Antoine Asselin
Micky Papa - nollie backside heelflip.
Skater Profile: Micky Papa
The judges had paper pads this time, not iPads.
Skateboard superhighway.
Antoine got 1st in the Peace Park section.
Skater Profile: Antoine Asselin
Brandon got 1st in the Pointe-à-Callière section. Schaefer's fat finger on writing the check led to that giant piece of MacGyver White Out.
Skater Profile: Brandon Del Bianco
Man, somehow I didn't get any usable photos of Paul Trep who won the whole thing.
Skater Profile: Paul Trepannier
Here's a lunch I had at the hotel. $37 for a salad and beer. The exchange rate is about even.
We weren't there for long and didn't have much free time, but I did get to skate around the city for a bit and snapped a few phone photos.
Can we please have this is more American cities?
Just a few blocks in each direction from the hotel, there were tons of great spots.
This looks real dangerous.
Lots of great old guy spots, too.
Behind the skate park that the Contest was at, they're laying a bunch of concrete.
DC hooked us up with passes for a Naughty By Nature show. If you're a fan, check my few minutes of footage from it.
We woke up at 3:30am for a 6am flight back home. Clem and his gnarly bed head gave us a good laugh. Thanks again for having us, DC. We'll be back in Canadia soon.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements

I've been using an iPhone 4 and iMovie to edit these chill time videos...

Naughty By Nature Show

Clem's Gnarly Bed Head

It's 3:45am and we're on our way to the airport in Montreal. That's still no excuse...


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