Vans Downtown Showdown 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Downtown Showdown 2010

Posted on Monday, October 4, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Colin Clark Footage: Daytime Showdown

The first obstacle at Downtown Showdown was a straight up timed race around Girl's bowl with the speed bump in the middle. What a fun way to start off the Contest.

Colin Clark Footage: Showdown at Night

Tommy Sandoval, Kieran Reilly, smashed babies, and more on the Zero volcano. White Knight, Chris Cole, Jake Duncombe, and more on the Foundation F'd up thing. There was some serious ripping going down this year as usual.
Rob Maatman and Sebastiaan Vijverberg are both here from the land of the lazy 360 flip leg. I hope they have as much fun here as we do when we visit their land every summer.
Skater Profile: Rob Maatman
After seeing all the amazing web footage Chris Pfanner has coming out recently, it was nice to get to see him skate in person. This is just a frontside 180 when things were mellow during practice.
Skater Profile: Chris Pfanner
Around the corner in one of the fake buildings, there's fake Van Doren's Pizza parlor. I should have set up my Silly Bandz Shop.
The day before when the stuff was being built, it was the usual, "What in the hell are people going to do on this?" type of thoughts. Well, pro skateboarders surprised us again and destroyed this thing.
We woke up early to try to get a session in at the Stoner Skatepark. There is something for everyone there whether you're 10 or 50. No pads or waivers, too. I can't believe how right they got it. Anyway, Porpe didn't make this nollie heel so he's the latest Take a Poop victim. It started to rain and we had to leave, but still, no make = Poop.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
This is father, Sean Sheffey.
Skater Profile: Sean Sheffey
And this is son, Julian Sheffey.
We decided to go big and upgrade the rental car this time. Since Schaefer has a moustache, we got the Bitchin' Camaro. It was fun for a bit, but then we quickly realized this is not the car to be carting four dudes and a bunch of luggage around Hollywood. It's super small inside and in the trunk.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
On the mic were Vern Laird, Jeff Pang, and chief of the Bitchin' Camaro in full 80's gear, Brian Schaefer.
Skater Profile: Vern Laird
Marquise Preston is pointing right at the chief of the Bitchin' Camaro while on an overcrook on the rail.
Skater Profile: Marquise Preston
Long Beach Local and Tampa transplant, Abdias Rivera, frontside flip.
Skater Profile: Abdias Rivera
Frontside noseslides are always a good looking rail trick, especially when you're standing on top of them like Chris Troy here.
Skater Profile: Chris Troy
Elijah Berle has his tea sipping pinky out while he casually noseblunt slides.
Skater Profile: Elijah Berle
The backside noseslide is usually the opposite of the frontside noseslide on a rail: ugly and childish. However, when Vincent Alvarez does it, it's legit.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
Chris Cole put it down as usual with crazy stuff like this ollie over to Willy grind. I spy Silly Bandz.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
Grandstands could come in handy here.
When Vincent Alvarez does his switch lipslides, he comes out switch, too.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
We first met Nassim Guammaz back at AmsterDamn Am 2007. Nice to see he ripped his way over here. He's got a good frontside big spin.
Skater Profile: Nassim Guammaz
The one foot is a trick as old as the Bitchin' Camaro chief back there.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
Zero should have built a dinosaur to go with Tommy Sandoval's frontside flip over the volcano to complete the caveman scene.
Skater Profile: Tommy Sandoval
Jake Duncombe always pulls out some crazy creative move every year.
Skater Profile: Jake Duncombe
Who walked in front of me during Vincent Alvarez doing this switch noseblunt? That rollaway is looking damn good, too. Don't you dare try it on purpose because everyone can always tell, everytime.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
This Foundation thing was another obstacle where you just wondered how anyone would be able to skate this and what would be done. Skateboarding's creativity came through again. People did all kinds of stuff on this thing. This here is Chris Troy gapping in and out on this bluntslide.
Skater Profile: Chris Troy
White Knight is trying to shake his nickname. Remember years ago when Nugget tried to shake his nickname? There is no better way to make a nickname stick better than trying to shake it. Good luck with that Vincent Luevanos. Based on how you're skating, looks like you and your nickname are not going anywhere.
When Jamie Tancowny got hurt, Chris Cole stepped in and F'd up the F.
Nick Merlino took home an iPad and $5,000 for winning Top Am again.
Skater Profile: Nick Merlino
Vincent Alvarez got the Top Pro.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
Looks like Ben Colen's using micro four thirds? Check his photo blog here.
Congrats to Beauty and the Beast for winning the 2010 Vans Downtown Showdown. Get full results here.

Chill Cam Video Dumping: Hollywood

Here are clips of rollin' the proper stoned wash jeans jams in the Bitchin' Camaro and the Vans Downtown Showdown. I've been filming all this with my iPhone and editing it in iMovie as the day goes along for a quick export here.

Practice at Downtown Showdown and SPoTlight Employees at Stoner Skatepark

The ripping went down in practice at Vans Downtown Showdown yesterday. Before we had to work the Contest today, we made the trip across town to the best skate park out - Stoner Skatepark where Porpe brought out his crooked 5-0 and I threw down my vert tricks on street. Yep, probably the first 540 every done there.


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