The Bricks, Innetech Runnin' Thangs, Feets, and Juggalos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The Bricks, Innetech Runnin' Thangs, Feets, and Juggalos

Posted on Sunday, September 23, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Last night at The Bricks was Two for Two, an art music show with a full takeover by SPoT Innetech staff. Here's what I found in my camera when I woke up.
Has anyone else noticed that Brian hasn't worn a t-shirt in like five years?
MP3J DJ AlBow works back in the far regions of Skatepark of Tampa with me. We refer to that area as Innetech, where the computers organize our inventory and stuff. This week, Alex found out he's going to South Africa with us. That now makes two people I know that get flown around the world to push play. DJ Wade couldn't make this trip, so AlBow is on it last minute.
Ryan Clements went from corn rows to CEO of Supercuts.
You can't not party when you're running the Shake Junt button-up. Matt Woods nowison!
Casey also works with us back in Innetech making inventory behave using various machines we have programmed into submission. He's got some amazing work at The Bricks back in Study Hall.
Casey's cowhead.
Daniel Elek was once a wee little baby frequenting SPoT on the regular. He got through uncorrupted and is graduating from university learning this year. These are his parents with Clements.
Brittany and Damiana break from a discussion on knick knacks for the homeplace, or something.
The Bricks is a kids and parent friendly establishment. That's Damiana's mom.
Clements and Pipito, straight edge since before people called it that.
Devin's spiked heels make me think of 36 Chambers. Just yer nuts on a dresser, bang them s*^ts with a spiked bat.
Second place in that Game of SKATE.
Pause for an inspection of the feets, commonly referred to as a foot fetish. Quote from Jereme Knibbs: "This is my first foot fetish." Welcome to the wet zone, kid.
Myles without chopsticks on his face.
A bunch of chicks in the back alley. No, The Bricks does not have a prostitution problem. It's fight night and they're here to cheer and jeer.
FSEC all over.
The peanut gallery is ready for blood.
It's Stalker Steve vs Tom, probably trying to settle who has the bigger mancrush on Cardiel or something.
I would just close my eyes and hope to strike plaid.
I only box on the keyboard with my fingertips.
This arena came complete with a nosebleed section.
Fight night is done and now it's time for a pit with White Vulture, where Kearley who also holds it down in Innetech is smashing sounds into your ear. Jereme Knibbs, this better not be your first pit.
Taylor is the most animated performer.
That's the same way Kearley looks when he's uploading product photos in Innetech. Jam all day erryday.
They came from the top of the rock gym to join the pit.
Taylor running the dance floor. Shake Junt looks over it.
If you order from us, you might be lucky enough to find a doodle from Casey on your box. He tags them up on the regular.
The Body goes by El Cuerpo when he's with Angel.
Finger tingle with a juggalo.
Faygo all around.
Classy ladies when the camera points.
Thanks for the damn good show.
Pause for another feets inspection.
Nice stories of Porpe getting fired twice from the days of when he worked with these old friends here.
Boxing champ.
Latinos love their camo.
Randoms who asked for a photo. Good night ya'll.


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