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10 Years of Tampa Pro Upside Down

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 by Rob

The story of losing at Tampa Pro is an amazing tale of human drive and determination. Follow your nightmares and you too can end up at the bottom, recognized for your valiant efforts, high fived in the gutters of Ybor, and celebrated by the last few true dirtbags in skateboarding. Here's to y'all!
  • 2001: Billy Rohan: Made a mockery of losing his mind for a bit by starting a hardware company called Billy's Nuts. Other notables near the bottom include Matt Milligan, Carlos DeAndrade, and Clyde Singleton.
  • 2002: Fred Gall: Skateboarding's best pile made last place officially cool. From here on out, it's a fight for the gutter spot.
  • 2003: Jake Rupp: The original hippie kept Matt Field at bay and took the polar opposite of 1st.
  • 2004: Elissa Steamer: The greatest female ever to push the wood and wheels battled her fellow Newell Street resident, Matt Field, and took the anti-title.
  • 2005: Edward Devera: Who dat?
  • 2006: Andre Tomaz: An unknown from Jersey pulled the DFL upset and bumped Matt Field from the gutter crown. At this point, Matt Field is like the reverse Nyjah Huston, getting second to last everywhere.
  • 2008: Joey Brezinski: Mannys are hard enough. Try them in a one minute contest run and you've got a great chance of scraping the barrell. Joey took the upside down crown from Wieger that year.
  • 2009: Matt Field: IPath's poster child was determined this year. After coming straight from doing a rumored baked handstand in a room full of suits from a company looking to buy IPath, he finally claimed the bottom. Thanks for coming back all these years, Matt.
  • 2010: Richard Jefferson: Successfully edged out Larry Perkins for the DFL crown to do I&I proud. Other notables at the bottom: Nick Trapasso and Peter Smolik.
  • 2011: Dustin Charlton: Nearly died after a full toilet was tossed from stage to Dustin's dome during an Unholy Alliance show over a decade ago when we had our parties on the street course. Thanks for coming back, Dustin.
  • 2012: It's up for grabs. Let the predictions and speculation begin! Watch it all go down live for the pre-show at 11am EST and noon for the Contest right here at skateparkoftampa.com. Full details are at skateparkoftampa.com/tampapro.


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