Tampa Pro 2013 Skateboarding and the After-Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2013 Skateboarding and the After-Party

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 by Rob

I like this one from Chaz - half cab back smith over the a.
Danny Falla is here kickflipping with the whole 5Boro crew. Thanks for coming to Tampa ya'll.
Cody did pretty damn good in his first Tampa Pro at 7th in the Finals. That's a nollie flip.
Man I can't believe Luan's hardflip every time I see it.
Ron Allen has been doing the scarewalk longer than most of us have been alive.
Felipe was kickflipping into these switch backside tailslides so perfectly.
Another deep crew was from Atlanta and Justin here was at the helm.
A little bit more vert skating went down all day on Saturday and Sunday. That's Tom Remillard on a front rock.
Erica says you shouldn't get any Photoshop ideas from this photo.
Mike Rogers from Grind for Life is at every event getting it done for the cause.
Grant Taylor's dad Thomas ripped all weekend on the skateboard and on the bottle.
I wish Jason Jesse would return to his skate video acting parts like that one video where he was in jail.
Christian and Grosso, thanks for making every skateboarder over 30 here so damn happy to see you.
Lance and his creation.
I think this defines Legendary Vert Session right there. Where's Tony Hawk???
Darren's got a special request for a photo with Andrea.
A quote from Tim O'Connor on the mic: "These two girls at the end of the Best Trick lineup got lost at a birdwatching tour and ended up on the street course."
All you lil homies are growing up around a damn tight ass scene with skateboarding and all this all around you. Thanks for being a part of skateboarding and Skatepark of Tampa.
Nick Dompierre never made that big gap 360 flip noseblunt slide, but Schaefer gave him some money anyway. Nick apologized for having no shirt on when we called him up so it's okay, ya'll.
Nyjah won the Silver Trucks Best Trick with a gap kickflip backside noseblunt slide. Thanks to Dakine, Dean Guitars, and Beats by Dre for hooking up the cash and prizes.
Danny Rosario, thanks for coming to SPoT events for all these years. That's a 360 flip.
Ben Raybourn definitely had wings all day. That's a bluntslide to fakie on the Red Bull ledge.
Sean's frontside crooked grinds around were so good.
Dr. Z has a big ol' kickflip transfer.
Austyn feebles out of the corner.
Grant Taylor's frontside ollies were unbelievable.
Legit crew here - Schaefer, Mike Carroll, and Craig Chimile.
Schaefer and this guy who showed up again. He watched more of the Contest than you probably did.
Mike and Wayne watching some bangin' skateboarding.
Ah crap, You Will Soon's not going to like this Manny 360 flip.
Interesting injury there on DJ Wade's pinky finger. I wonder if it was Colombian related.
Curren's gapping to noseblunt slide in his first pro contest. Thanks for making it Tampa, Curren.
Jacob from The Skateboard Mag is at his first Tampa Pro this weekend filming and shooting photos. Thanks for being here, Jacob. Nice to meet you and I hope you had a good time.
Greg Lutzka has won Tampa Pro three times. Thanks for continuing to come back, Greg. That's a frontside flip.
The Semi-Finals have just wrapped up and now it's a combination heavy metal parking lot and food fight for the Moat Race.
The lucky Moat Race contestants. Before.
This is the first year I've seen hot dogs. Ish is leading the meatwand charge.
I missed the race because I was dodging eggs and cleaning up my camera from a direct hit.
I think hamburgers might be better for throwing than hot dogs.
The crowd at the Moat Race seems to get bigger every time.
Don't let being injured hold you back from a good egging.
Totally worth the embryo to the dome.
Sean Malto - nollie flip.
Luan Oliveira - switch 360 flip.
There were small broadcast parties all over the park. This one was like a small theater at the Nike tent.
I hope you met as many new friends as I did this weekend. My new homie here known from SPoT Life for comping Moat doo doo happens to be nicknamed Meatdog. That nickname is definitely sticking now. Thanks for coming to Tampa Pro, Eric.
Meanwhile, Wayne's leaving and getting swarmed by random kids. I'm just barging and shooting photos of it all under the arm of his bouncer.
He's got the word "trigger" on his index finger. Clever.
Double peace signs, peace out, Wayne.
This is the CoffeSPoT hooked up by See See Motorcycles and The Skateboard Mag. I miss it already.
That's Todd Bratrud's work on the logo.
Malto's got a line for signatures in the Shop.
Alex Bibiloni needs some See See to run things behind the counter. Thanks for your patience all weekend while it was so busy in the Shop.
Red Bulls and iPad documentation upstairs.
Brandon here was keeping guard for the VIP skybox section. Thanks for holding those bathroom breaks all day, Brandon.
As if rain the day before wasn't bad enough, we had "sweaty ground" the following day due to a drastic change in temperature. We usually have to straight up close the Park down when this happens, but we obviously can't do that during Tampa Pro. It was time to blow dry the street course. Justin's on it.
So many John Hancocks.
My view from the announcer's booth.
The broadcast is looking a little fancy online, but in person, it's the usual crusty Skatepark scene we all know and love.
It's a little intimidating to be interrupting Jason Jessee and Lance Mountain for a photo.
Rune Glifberg being stopped for autographs outside.
Everyone's on that pink, even Wayne.
Judges Mike Sinclair and Bob Reynolds in deep judging thought.
Hopefully you came up on some of the gear Beats by Dre was giving out upstairs.
Thanks everyone for all the amazing photos on the #TampaPro hashtag all weekend.
Thanks for standing around in that heat all day.
Two thumbs up for the color pink.
How does Chuckie have his board in here? Because I suck as a security guard.
Amelia has the best seat in the house as usual.
I hope you all enjoyed the broadcast.
Hopefully you came up on some gear at the Skatepark of Tampa tent with Bob.
Thanks to Dean Guitars for hooking up the top winners.
Thanks Lance for hanging out all weekend and through all the awards.
Pretty tight seeing Lance take photos of his own work.
I spy a baby crowd surfer.
The Skateboard Mag's Fan Favorite award is actually a working fan.
Congrats to Rodent for winning the TM and Industry VIP Contest.
Austyn Gillette was chosen as The Skateboard Mag's Fan Favorite.
Shane O'Neill won the Red Bull That S*!t's Tight Award.
We're all so happy for Evan finally going pro.
Bobby playing some gnarly aids metal with the Dean Guitar like he does all day in Innetech while packing your online orders.
It's Luan, Nyjah, and Chaz for top three.
Congrats, Luan. That first run was mindblowing. Here's how he won it.
Mophie hooked up some great gear all weekend and also at the product toss.
That dude caught the Mophie gadget I wanted.
Manny's up here giving out some Ammo stuff.
Schaefer surfs out.
This crew is up here from Miami.
The Silver Trucks Best Trick got pretty nuts. Here's Nyjah's cab flip late shuv to flat.
Nick Merlino - gap front feeble.
Days like Sunday at Tampa Pro are so busy that I forget to eat. Dinner with the Nike crew in Ybor after the Contest is my first meal of the day.
Thanks to the SPoT Staff for running things behind the counter all weekend. Alex, Sam, Jereme, Jeff, Luke, and James plus lurk lady.
Chris Kelly is ready to get loose after working even more than me.
Fancy drink tickets. I will use up more than a few.
Chilean homies Christian and Braulio.
Chris Haslam's hair is down and beard is out.
The wives and girlfriends.
Max and Durke.
David, Luan, Chris, and James.
Casey put in some serious hours to make Tampa Pro happen also. I hope you got to meet him over the weekend. He'll be at every event with us all year long.
This crew got a little too loose on the streets later that night.
It's become an annual tradition for me to stand by DJ Wade and shout lyrics in his face.
Felipe Gustavo and his girl. Here's where my night gets fuzzy.
Willy Akers and a puppet?
Industry grown ups, Chris Pastras, Paul Zitzer, and Bryce Kanights.
SPoT staff fanning out on Kenny.
Yoda needs a Kenny photo.
This is where you just say "squad!" Manny, Robby, Yonis, Casey.
Thanks for coming! I can't remember what we talked about, but I think it had something to do with tickets or something.
Blair from Transworld is blurry like my vision right now.
Peter Yoon from Beats by Dre is on the marketing duties for the weekend.
Getting more blurry with Eric, Seamus, and Justin.
You can't pose a photo with Team Handsome without first unbuttoning the shirt.
Finally someone on the other side of the camera that's in my condition.
Pause for a Koston fan out.
Tom and I had late nights and early mornings all weekend.
Drunk white balance and professional skateboarder pickups. It's another annual tradition now.
We must have talked about something cool.
Big Al being the King of Ybor.
Brittany's strong.
Lana's tough.
Seamus is tired.
Andrea and Brittany are probably sore today.
When it's Donny Barley, I have to get in the photo.
Shaqueefa President, Chairman, and CEO.
Amelia still stacking photos.
Brian Reardon, digital delivery champion.
Nick Dompierre sticks with the Red Bulls for the night.
Asians always want to take photos with each other.
Some kind of sketchy transaction going down with DJ Wade.
Good night Clarence.
We're back on my balcony where Justin is nearly asleep standing up.
Steve Miller from Zumiez explains some kind of iron shot to Kenny at like 5am. And that's how my last night at Tampa Pro ended. Thanks everyone who made it such a good time.

Tampa Pro Sunday Video Recap


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