Tampa Pro 2013 Thursday and Friday Photos

Posted on Saturday, March 23, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

My weekend so far has been off the charts as usual for Tampa Pro. I hope yours has. Here are a few photos from all the digital devices I'm packing and putting in your face all weekend.
When you throw events like Tampa Pro, you’re in the hospitality business. Andrea is here working with us this weekend to high five, get you a beer, make friends, help out the SPoT staff where they can, and make sure you have a good time while you’re here.
Our long time friend Sarahkaye is also working with us for the weekend with Andrea. Introduce yourself.
This dashing man won the Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest.
This is how you upgrade your profile photo to look straight bid’niss gangster. Hunter is runnin’ the marketing madness at Nike.
Over at The Bricks, Chris is on the wax for the night. He’s usually with us in Innetech getting it done on product photos, but this weekend, we all have 20 jobs that span day and night.
My new friends from Nike that I will have to meet five more times before remembering names.
Pause for a foot fetish.
I’m at the Girl Skateboards Welcome to Town Party as you can tell here. Look at these cirlces of superstars here.
Mark, Oliver, and Joey Digital.
Amelia is getting in all her pro skater photos like I am. Chris Troy – check.
Who doesn't want a selfie with Mike Carroll?
Malto, Carroll, and Craig Chimile. Point and shoot.
Rudy Johnson and Rick Howard, damn, thanks for hanging out ya'll.
Rob Brink just got loose with Trevor Colden on a recent edition of Weekend Buzz.
Sturgill is like a whole crowd in one person. Apparently his sidekick here is just as raging.
So it's not just Curren that does "deer in the headlights" for photos. His dad does it, too. He's skating his first Tampa Pro this weekend. That's Jeremy Fox from Flip with them.
Oliver wants workers comp for his paper cut he got while putting together SPoT 20 Year Dunks with us this weekend. Thanks Kevin from The Skateboard Mag for setting up the See See Motorcycles coffee shop. I'm geeked out on lattes all day from that.
Burgess and Furlong, in line for fanning out with Holmes.
Amelia checks another pro photo off the list – Biebel. I want one, too!
Ratchet Rob using up the face canvas.
More fans of Hosoi – Andrew and FSEC Matt.
Brittany, Matt Selego, and Tommy, background lurkers.
Pause for a foot fetish.
Elvin was so hyped on Tampa Pro when he got here that he got me all hyped and made me want to take a photo with him.
I'm stuck in the shop being receptionist to the world all day, but at least I get to meet all the fine individuals that come through like Brian Anderson and Elissa Steamer.
Brock, Clarence, and Sturgill bring the ATL party energy.
The TM and Industry VIP Contest was Friday. That's James Buchmann.
RP Bess is bid'niss dude at World Industries.
Mark Goldman is at Nike doing marketing and other stuff like the live broadcast with us.
Get your Bones Swiss from Vern.
Jason Rothmeyer's got a good backside shifty before manning the iPads for judging all weekend.
Shorty from Converse lost enough weight to get his profile photo updated. Keep it tight.
Franchise Boi hucks himself down gaps.
Andy Henrie from Converse, thanks for bringing Big Boi here for the Tampa Pro Party.
Amelia and her crew should have their names etched in this spot.
DJ Wade with the best lines off the course.
Giancarlo Scalise and Alejandro Burnell, lil' locals.
More lil' locals on the Zumiez couch.
David Palazzese during the Tampa Am Vert Contest.
Sarahkaye and Andrea – again, introduce yourself and make some friends.
Nick Wallace is an ATV.
FM OG's Elissa and Big Al.
Yes, the free ink is still flowing at the Atomic tent.
Kurtis getting some SPoT ink.
SOTY's David Gonzalez and Grant Taylor with Robbie Russo.
Top three in the Tampa Am Vert Contest, David, Luke, and Nick.
Kid Will of Polk County fame and Chris Nieratko going Weekend at Bernie's style.
Damn, what are we going to do about a pile of busted trophies? Damnnnn.
A few are okay. These are so heavy it's like they're solid lead. Not sure how they broke apart like that.
Pause for a foot fetish.
Justin Strubing – OG Skatepark of Tampa Party Team card carrying member.
Felipe brought his dad back to Tampa this year.
Holmes warming up on the vert ramp before rain shut it down.
Vertical Vampire got some runs in.
Max Schaaf tailslides into a rain cloud.
The decks were packed. Biebel, Rudy Johnson, Sam Smyth with the greatest contest kit ever, Rick Howard, and Kelly Bird who makes gray hair look very distinguished.
Unfortunately, The Editor doesn't have time to publish a cover of Frontside Grind Magazine right now.
Mike Frazier is about to smash this tailgrab into a backside disaster like lightning striking on the coping.
Your hosts Jeff Pang and Brian Schaefer.
Thanks to Scott Koerner and Dakine for providing all the bags for our events.
Cullen pushes the big ‘ol Red Bull ATV.
Shane O'Neill was here early killing the course all week.
Get your Indy's from Keith Wilson.
Documentation team Joe Perrin and Rhino from Thrasher.
Tom Curren and Lance Mountain.
Luke's got some ripping skate photos from the weekend going on. Watch for those later on the site.
Jefferson Pang ready to spit into the mic all weekend.
Ron Deily, one of my favorites out there.
Ron Allen is 50 and killing it. Definitely the oldest to ever enter Tampa Pro.
Chaz Ortiz is all grown man now.
HiDefJoe is up all night making SPoT Life episodes for you.
Jereme Knibbs is in SPoT Ybor serving up SPoT 20 Year Dunks.
As Mike Carroll says, Gino Ia-f$#ing-nnucci.
A small sample of the work on the walls at The Bricks.
Craig Chimile and Kelly Bird, Ybor locals for the weekend.
Mike Carroll tells a story with every signature that he gives. It's a lot better when the alcohol is talking, too.
Get your props for the John Hancocks.
It's an Adio reunion with Nick Dompierre, Steve Nesser, and Ed Selego. Aaron Suski, thanks for skating this weekend.
Back to the Park! Holmes on deck.
Zitzer's anti-rain face.
Damn, I didn't get a Jeff Grosso invert photo before it dumped.
Schaefer, Max, and Zitzer.
Kenny Anderson, perfect spectator.
It's Cody McEntire's first Tampa Pro! His boards arrived today.
It turned into quite a party once the rain drove everyone in from the Legendary Vert Session.
Damn, no anti-rain dance will fix this.
Dan Murphy is getting his middle finger repaired.
Brittany and Lana are hoping for a surprise Yelawolf showing. I think we're going to have to settle for Lil Wayne again.
It also turned into a raging bowl session.
Jeff Grosso and Schaefer wrap up the live broadcast.
Zizter, Frazier, Max on blast.
These kids are so hyped.
Damn, look at that crew. Legendary for damn sure.
And that's how our night ended. Floating away on crates. The live broadcast starts at 2pm today right here at skateparkoftampa.com

Thursday Night With Mike Carroll

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