Tampa Pro 2005 Heats

Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2005 Street Heats
Skaters that have won a past Tampa Pro Contest do not have to skate in the qualifiers. They are automatically in the Semi-Finals on Sunday. That list includes Mike Vallely, Gershon Mosley, Andrew Reynolds, Kerry Getz, Kyle Berard, Tony Trujillo, Eric Koston, and Bastien Salabanzi.

Samuel Partaix: Heat 1, 1st skater.
Sooruz Clothing, Eastpak, Fallen, Rockslide Skateshop, Nine Yards
Michael "P.I.A" Simonetto: Heat 1, 2nd skater.
Vibe Action Sports
Nilton Neves: Heat 1, 3rd skater.
Rasa Libre, Independent, Ipath Footwear, Hurley, Satori
Rodney Jones: Heat 1, 4th skater.
Powell, Bones Wheels, Sun Diego Boardshops, Venture, Billabong
Clint Peterson: Heat 1, 5th skater.
Stereo, Osiris, We, Independent
Dennis Busenitz: Heat 1, 6th skater.
Real, Volcom, Spitfire, Thunder, DVS
Brian Sumner: Heat 1, 7th skater.
Birdhouse, Adio, Vestal, Furnace, Independent, Speed Metal, Analog Clothing
Billy Rohan: Heat 1, 8th skater.
Instant Winner Boards, Sushi Wheels, eS, Venture, Rockstar Bearings, S-One, Supreme
Jake Nunn: Heat 1, 9th skater.
Think, Independent, eS Footwear, Autobahn
Jim Gagne: Heat 1, 10th skater.
Black Label, Split, NSS Footwear
Toebee Parkhurst: Heat 1, 11th skater.
War Effort, Constance Clothing, Duffs, Smith Optics, Theory Skateshop, Magical Go-Go Wax
Aaron Harrison: Heat 1, 12th skater.
ATM Skateboards, Iron Horse grip tape, Slerth Wheels
Gary Smith: Heat 2, 1st skater.
War Effort, Krux Trucks, Theory Boardshop, Ambiguous Clothing, Project Hardware
Wolnie Dos Santos: Heat 2, 2nd skater.
Avera skateboards, Speed Metal Bearings, Sims clothing
Jud Heald: Heat 2, 3rd skater.
Untitled Skateboards, Grind King, Sessions, Ninja, Nixon, Sound Kase, American Ramp Company
Corey Sheppard: Heat 2, 4th skater.
Blind, IPath, Independent, Momentum, Swiss
Carlos DeAndrade: Heat 2, 5th skater.
World Industries, Etnies, Independent, True Grit,
Nate Jones: Heat 2, 6th skater.
Rasa Libre, Ipath, Thunder, Planet Earth Clothing, Newell
Pete Eldridge: Heat 2, 7th skater.
City Skateboards, Thunder, Hubba Wheels, Nocturnal Skate Shop, Slave Skate Shop
Danny Fuenzalida: Heat 2, 8th skater.
Think, Lucky Bearings, Venture Trucks, Satori, I-Path
Vanessa Torres: Heat 2, 9th skater.
Element, Globe, Boost, Villa Villa Cola,
Anthony Shetler: Heat 2, 10th skater.
Birdhouse, Split
Jereme Rogers: Heat 2, 11th skater.
Girl, DVS, Royal, Industrial, Billabong, Modern, Diamond
Ronnie Creager: Heat 2, 12th skater.
Blind, Etnies, Tensor, Autobahn
Billy Marks: Heat 2, 13th skater.
Toy Machine, Fallen Footwear, Thunder, Spitfire, Split Clothing & Active
John Rattray: Heat 2, 14th skater.
Zero, Osiris, Thunder
Chris Haslam: Heat 3, 1st skater.
Almost, Tensor Trucks, Momentum Wheels, IS Design, Nixon, Dakine, CTI
Danny Mayer: Heat 3, 2nd skater.
DC, Savant
Matt Ball: Heat 3, 3rd skater.
Birdhouse, Dekline, Ambiguous, Pig, Furnace Skateshop
Fabrizio Santos: Heat 3, 4th skater.
Oakley Apparel, Shorty's, Crail Trucks, Etnies, Bones Bearings
Danny Morrin: Heat 3, 5th skater.
Bones, DVS, Seed, Grind King, Nixon, Dakine, Project, Fate
Chris Senn: Heat 3, 6th skater.
Element, Emerica, Oakley, Bones
Cody Eurich: Heat 3, 7th skater.
Outlook, Grind For Life Organization, Accel Wheels (flow), Duffs Shoes (flow), M.R.'s Skate Shop
Ronnie Bertino: Heat 3, 8th skater.
ATM Skateboards, Iron Horse Griptape, Independent Trucks
Patrick Melcher: Heat 3, 9th skater.
Dekline, Amerikan, Destructo
Matt Milligan: Heat 3, 10th skater.
Skatepark of Tampa
Phil Ladjanski: Heat 3, 11th skater.
Independent, Ricta, Westside
Mike Mozola: Heat 3, 12th skater.
Nemesis Skateboards, Globe Shoes, Quicksilver, Modern Skate and Surf, Dragon Eyewear
Stefan Janoski: Heat 4, 1st skater.
Quiksilver, Habitat, Etnies, FKD
Garold Vallie: Heat 4, 2nd skater.
Nemesis Skateboards, Ninja bearings, Emerica, Understood clothing (NYC), Modern Skate, DRAB.
Mike Peterson: Heat 4, 3rd skater.
World Industries, Tom Curran, Cardinal, Globe, Billabong, Von Zipper, Independent, Ninja, Red Bull
Dave Duren: Heat 4, 4th skater.
Venture, Mom
Kyle Berard: Heat 4, 5th skater.
World, Independent, Accel, Ninja, Cardinal Skate Shop, True Grit, Dakine
Rafael Rodrigo: Heat 4, 6th skater.
Qix International
Jon Comer: Heat 4, 7th skater.
Gringo, Bones Bearings, Independent, Fast Forward Skateshop, Dakine
Og De Souza: Heat 4, 8th skater.
Hurley, Fury, Drop Dead, Diamond
Tosh Townend: Heat 4, 9th skater.
Element, Emerica, CCS, Boost Mobile, Upful Hardware
Andre Tomaz: Heat 4, 10th skater.
Base Brookyln, Sushi Wheels, Modern
Kareem Campbell: Heat 4, 11th skater.
City Stars, Ricta, Venture, Nixon
Christophe Sampaio: Heat 4, 12th skater.
Toog's Skate Shop, Es shoes, Connexion Wheels, Sooruz Clothing, Skate Crew (bearings, grip and hardware), DKL&, and Nakwada Skateboards
Colt Cannon: Heat 5, 1st skater.
Element, Circa, Ricta, Krux, Bones, Skateworks
Chris Kendall: Heat 5, 2nd skater.
Vans, Flatline, Nicotine, Ninja, Sunrise
Bastien Salabanzi: Heat 5, 3rd skater.
Flip, Quiksilver, Etnies, Lordz, Fury
Jeff Lenoce: Heat 5, 4th skater.
Baker, Lakai, Indy, Spitfire, Skatepark of Tampa
Austin Seaholm: Heat 5, 5th skater.
Oakley Apprel, Shorty's Hardware, Ninja Bearings, Master Image Customs
Peter Ramondetta: Heat 5, 6th skater.
Real, Circa, Thunder, Spitfire, Roughneck Hardware, Newell
Mike Maldonado: Heat 5, 7th skater.
City Skateboards, Ricta, Independent Trucks, Plainandem, One Up Skate Shop, Direction East
Edward Devera: Heat 5, 8th skater.
ATM Skateboards, Iron Horse grip tape, Venture Trucks
Mike Vallely: Heat 5, 9th skater.
Element, Destructo, SoBe
Kevin Taylor: Heat 5, 10th skater.
Zoo York, Elwood, Royal Trucks
Quim Cardona: Heat 5, 11th skater.
Organika, Grind King, IPath, Billabong, S-One, Sushi, NJ Skateshop
Greg Lutzka: Heat 5, 12th skater.
Almost, Oakley, Indy, Drop Backpacks, Globe, FKD

Tampa Pro 2005 Vert Heats
Anthony Furlong: Heat 1, 1st skater.
Chapman Skateboards
Mike Frazier: Heat 1, 2nd skater.
Santa Cruz, Vans
Rob Lorifice: Heat 1, 3rd skater.
Redsand Clothing, VonZipper, Grind King, K-5 Board Shop, DVS (Flow), Ful Backpacks
Phil Hajal: Heat 1, 4th skater.
Grind King, Red Bull, Type S, Tribal, Fluid Skate Shop
Chris Guilfoose: Heat 1, 5th skater.
OutLook Skateboards, BURLEY Wheels, BURLEY Bearings, and MR Skateshop
Lincoln Ueda: Heat 1, 6th skater.
Element, Hurley, Etnies, Type-S, Crail, Electric, Pro-Tec
Pierre Luc Gagnon: Heat 1, 7th skater.
Darkstar wood, Darkstar wheels, Osiris, Boost Mobile, West 49 Board Shop, Capix, Anex Trucks, Monster Energy Drink
Neal Hendrix: Heat 1, 8th skater.
Black Label, Vans, Destructo, Ricta, Triple 8, Fox
Danny Mayer: Heat 1, 9th skater.
DC, Savant

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