Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2007

Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2007 by Rob

Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2007
By Rob Meronek

Two weeks ago, all my photo gear got swiped at the airport, so now I'm using the product camera for photos. It doesn't take sequences and it doesn't have this memo recording function that I use to remember who the person in a photo is and what trick they're doing. So that's why most of these are a "Who dat?" photo. If you know who someone is, click the photo and leave a comment.

Thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig. We'll see you at the next one.

Click here for full results.

Who dat? 8 and Under Division stair huck

Bombing the double set was a hot trick in the 8 and Under Division

Justin Atchley put pants on and now does grown man tricks. They grow up so fast

Who dat?

Mongo mania took over in the 9 to 12 Division. At one point, there were three or four kids in a row running the poop foot

Mongolian BBQ

Who dat? This kid is going to be highly skilled on a skateboard when he grows up. Best kid in the 9 to 12

Right now the judges are writing down funny notes about you on their worksheets

Clean up in aisle three! Nick Allicock puked at the end of his run in the 9 to 12 Division. Maybe he was trying to be like Tony Trujillo

I like how these kids just chill with their helmets when they're not even skating. It's like it's just a hat for them

8 and Under winners were Alejandro Burnell (1st), Brennan Campbell (2nd), and Ethan Clothier (3rd). You figure out who is who. I can't. UPDATE: Alenhandro is in the middle

9 to 12 Division winners were Ryan Burns (1st), Jackson Davis (2nd), and Kevin Sikes (3rd). That kid there on the right rips. I don't know which one he is

It's hard to take skate photos with the lens that's on the product cam. This is a back lip from one of Jona's riders. I wonder if Jona still has that gap in his grill lookin' like a mouse hole

The decks were packed. Look at the determination on Dirt Weasel's face. He's about to kickflip the crap out of something

Who dat? Frontside noseblunt slide

Who dat? Back lip

Mongo mania in the 13 to 15

As usual, the chick product toss started out like this...

...and ended up in a wraslin' match on the ground like this

Sorry pal, your shirt sucks

Chill time in the back

13 to 15 Division winners were Josiah Portillo (1st), Alex Perez (2nd), and Derek Pelland (3rd)

Body is like the poor thick man's Tim O'Connor on the mic all day

Jorge ran the tunes and time in between Snack Bar trips

I still don't know Baby Jamie's name yet. UPDATE: It's Taylor Foresman

Who dat? BSNG

Who dat? Roid rage crooked grind

This is here just because I wanted to showcase Jacob Portillo's gear

Who dat? Frontside smith grind

This is Nick that puked at the end of his run. We gave him the free trip to Woodward for that. I heard him telling his mom not to talk to him because it makes him nervous during his run, and that's apparently why he puked

Ricky Martin is going through someone's purse...

...and finding what is hopefully some clean panties

Sometimes the flat ground sessions outside are better than the Contest. That's Chris Jata - nollie half cab heel

Some girl skating the vert ramp, T4PREZ looking extra pissed, and Ian Gow varial heelflipping

Abdias Rivera is back in town. This is a blunt rock fakie

More crowded decks

Who dat? Crooked grind

I think that's Malcom Seaman and he's switch flipping. UPDATE: Yes, it is

Who dat? Back 3. UPDATE: That's Ryan Dillow

Dylan Perry will soon be in Amsterdam with us for the AmsterDamn Am in July

If you don't know who Jona is, just imagine Timmy Knuth in 20 years with a front tooth knocked out

Who dat? Frank Branka? Feeble all the way to the end. UPDATE: Yes, it is

This kid can play Twister and crooked grind at the same time

This kid can walk like an Egyptian and crooked grind

Chris Lehman is making me want to go to the Snack Bar and get some popcorn

Butta that ledge, son

T4PREZ - switch nose pick

Abdias took the camera for a while. I got it back with a lot of close ups of people's faces

First person Abdias assaulted with the camera was Mike Goodwine

Then Mike Goodwine did some assaulting of his own

Robbie Kirkland up close and personal with Abdias

OMG! Abdias, take a picture. We're bffe lol roftl he he he

More bffe, ttyl

Another nose pick

Chris Jata's grip tape masterpiece

Abdias backed up a little bit. That's Frank Branka

Ok, I got the camera back from Abdias now. Money shot? Nope, money shirt. Who dat? Backside 5-0

Thanks to the Big Ass Fan, it always feels like a mild breezy day in what would otherwise be a large human microwave inside the Park

16 and Up winners were Jacob Portillo (1st), Matt Town (2nd), and Justin Pelland (3rd)

Sponsored winners were Ryan Dillow (1st), Timmy Knuth (2nd), and Dylan Perry (3rd)

Glad to see Online Guy is currrently clothed with all limbs attached. He's still creeping me out, though

After the Contest, I went here for good friends and a great buzz

Neckface foot fetish

At the Orpheum, they're serious about marking you up if you're under 21. Can you just cross your hands and change "NO" to "it's ON"? Right about here, I realized I had not eaten anything all day and was getting extra wasted. Good night


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