Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2005

Posted on Saturday, April 9, 2005 by Rob

SPoT Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2005
Words and photos by Rob Meronek

Here's some things I remember about this long day today:

There were 7 year old kids doing backside disasters. I didn't know kids that were 7 could talk yet.

Bong rips! Is Bong Gause another Nyjah? That might happen. I remember Nyjah being about that good when he was that young when I first met him at a Damn Am contest a few years ago. Bong got first in the new 8 and Under Division.

Gavin Bishop gets the youngest kid with a shook nightie/ghetto gown award.

Snack bar represent. Dave Cruz came out swinging like Bastien with a cab flip over the hip, but he should have sat down after that because it was all downhill from there.

Porn star names in the contest: Max Peeters, Chad Butts, Matt Seeman, Malcom Seaman. Matt Seeman switch frontside rocked the bank to wall. I don't think any porn stars can do that.

Chris Jata has the most butters nollie inward heels over the hip but that didn't work out in his run.

There seemed to be fewer TAPS flying around the course. Nice.

Wade Collins gets the best dressed award. The Stereo Putter Hat combined with a nice button up - ladies, get in line.

Sorry about the mom that got a board to the head in the product toss.

Kenny Liszewski is young as hell (12) and ripping. He got fifth in the 16 and up and has won a few of our contests here in the past. TM's, put him on your flow team now before he gets deals with all your competitors in the next couple years. I've never skated street with him, but he's getting good really fast from what I can tell at the skateparks we see him at.

I didn't see any of Jimmy Desimone's runs, but the judges sheets all had "perfect runs" written all over them with scores in the high 90's. Jimmy gets a free trip to Woodward for getting first in the 13 to 15 Division.

Matt Giles was spotted getting getting a massage from a nice young lady in the crowd in between runs. It must have helped because he won Sponsored.

Click here for results.

Bo Bussey - first place in the 16 and Up Division
Scotty Conley - smith on the bump to ledge
Scott Snyder - varial heel hair bomb over the hip
Gavin Bishop - gangsta flip up the step up
Josia Portillo - frontside 50-50 on the hubba
Clint Bestwick and Bong Gause - first and second place in the 8 and Under Division
Scott Snyder and Gavin Bishop - first and second place in the 9 to 12 Division
Justin Myers - cab hair bomb over the hip
Johnathan Quinones - nollie backside over the hip
Corndog with mustard and ketchup to the face for a free t-shirt. I'm glad I haven't had to pay for clothes, shoes, or skate stuff since the 90's
Jimmy Desimone - first place in 13 to 15 and a ticket to Woodward
Andy James - crooked grind on the hubba
If you don't like the asshole on the mic, bring your own. That dude needs to point that thing at the chick that's asleep on the right
Daniel Argudo - frontboard on the big flat rail
Robbie Kirkland - large kickflip up the step up
Who dat? Frontside 50-50 on the big flat rail
Anthony Biggs took $20 from Brian Schaefer for making this boardslide down the big round rail
Derek Milan - varial flip up the step-up
Brian Schaefer offered Jason Fintel $50 for a kickflip make. Jason took his money
Matt Giles won the Sponsored Division
Kenny Liszewski - backside flip into the step up
I saw Derek Milan make this backside flip up the step up like 10 times in a row, but when it came time for his run, he took a poop on it. Oh well, that's how contests go sometimes
Robbie Morrison - backside lipslide on the big round rail
Chapin Atchison loves it when you post comments on the site. He's the regulator, or "comment boi" as some refer to him as. This is a 360 flip up the step up
Matt Seeman - nollie 50-50


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