Altamont Presents Back to School Bash All Ages Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Altamont Presents Back to School Bash All Ages Contest

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 by Ryan

Photos by Michael Derewenko and Angel Carela
Words and Captions by Ryan Clements

Anthony Henderson - locked into a perfect back smithers
Markus Jalaber - varial heel
Standard Product Toss good times
Clem on the left and Barak on the right with the Wright Family in the middle. They received the $500 Travel Voucher courtesy of Red Bull for having the best vibes and biggest hearts of the day
Lil' Zion wanted a photo of this half cab, so here it is
If Dylan Durkin were black then you wouldn't even be able to see this fs nosegrind. Derewenko living up to "Derewenko's Darkroom"
Mini-Rasta in training with a fs 50-50
Damn, I should know this kid's name. His dad's name is Rick and he enjoyed his son's feebles, as well as the free beer at the After-Party
This kid was from Gainesville - standing up tall on a bs lip
With Derewenko being unwilling to ask the kids for their names when he shoots, we have yet another unnamed smith grind
Five pictures in a row all on the bank to flat bar. Don't get too creative on us now, Derewenko. Unknown lipslide
Thanks to the Dern Family for yet again making some great trophies
8 & Under winners
In case you couldn't figure it out, these females won the Girls Division
The 9 - 12 top three not looking too excited. Maybe Derewenko bummed them out by being all arrogant with them and stuff
I didn't see this go down, but I'm going to take a guess that Jata is doing a switch fs heel right here...I heard he took it to a local street spot the next day
Why in the world did Derewenko send this pic over? This can't be a make. Was it, Dylan?
Gap over the a-frame to fs 50-50. No, we didn't hold the Back to School Bash at night...that's just Derewenko getting "dark" on us
Nameless fs boardslide while Anthony Henderson watches (finally I know someone's name)
13 - 15 winners - L to R - Jamie Foy, Anthony Henderson, and Connor Askew
Jeff Macar with a Mike Peterson-esque backside boneless off the big quarter into the little one...about a half-second later he was laying on the ground groaning and holding his head, but he was okay
Dylan Perry knows how to ollie very well on tranny
I'm such a fan of the fs krooks, which is a new one for Dylan Perry's bag o' tricks
Have you seen Tommy Presley in person recently? The photo doesn't do it justice, but he's looking really really he never gets out in the sun. Must be part of the sleeping schedule when you're Vice-President of "Bright Futures "
We had to crop Dylan's arm out of this overcrooks because he was holding a beer, and you know...he's underage and all. Two things I've noticed: One, Derewenko likes shooting photos of this flat bar. Two, Derewenko likes shooting photos of Dylan
Can I get a HELL YEAH for Figgy and the rest of the Altamont crew for hanging out most of the day and into the night during the Back to School Bash? Nice fs blunt, too...and it just happens to be on Derewenko's favorite obstacle in the Park. How convenient. That worked well for the photo
CJ Dixon absolutely destroyed the Final Jam in Sponsored, which is why he won. Between him and the rest of the top five guys, that raised the bar of the All Ages skating here at SPoT. I think this is a noseblunt
Here's CJ Dixon again on a fs hurricane. See what I'm talking about here?
16 & Up winners. What's up with your flashes, Derewenko?
Sponsored Division winners: L to R - CJ Dixon, Markus Jalabar, and Jeremy Knibbs
Wow. Take notes from the Bright Futures President on how to freshly execute a proper nollie heel
It was a hot, muggy, August morning, but that didn't stop the Back to School Bash Presented by Altamont from selling out. Of course we squeezed a few more people in there...and that was a bit of a regret considering how long of a day it turned out to be. We started promptly at 10:30am with The Body on the mic and Porpe and Barak switching out on DJ duties. Before you knew it, it was time for Porpe to grill up the free hot dogs at noon. And if you wanted to cough up a $3, then you could get yourself a refreshing Smoothie King.

By mid-afternoon we were finishing up 13 - 15 with a Final Jam. The skaters in 13 - 15, 16 & Up, and Sponsored all got two, 50-second runs, but then we threw in a top five Final Jam for fun. Sure, it took a little while longer and we got out of there a bit later, but seeing the great skating made it completely worth it...especially when it came to Sponsored. Oh man...that was great. What was supposed to be a seven-minute Jam turned into an additional 10-minutes of time extensions and "one mores." When it was over I'm surprised that those guys could even walk.

Thanks to our judges...Jon Mann, Mike "Steal Your White Woman" Goodwine, Chris "Bright Futures President" Jata, Robbie "Pee Wee" Kirks, and John "WESTSIDE!!!" Montesi. And of course we'd like to send a special THANKS to our friends at Altamont for being the title sponsor of the Back to School Bash. Justin, Figgy, Theotis, Garrett, Kenny, and Andrew...thanks for being here and hooking it up.

Don't miss our final All Ages of the year (Harvest Jam Presented by Xing Tea) on November 15th.

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