Altamont Back to School Bash After-Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Altamont Back to School Bash After-Party

Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2008 by Ryan

Photos by Jordan Burns, Jenna Becker, and Porpe
Words and Captions by Ryan Clements and Porpe

No Skatepark of Tampa event is complete without a proper send-off After-Party, is it? We definitely realize the confusion of hosting a "party" after an "All Ages" Contest. But that's because whenever YOU think about "partying," you're thinking about drinking. See, for us it's different. We're talking about simply having a good time. That's why we picked a place that permitted entry to all ages and served some pretty good pizza, The Market on 7th. It's right there in the mix on 7th Avenue in Ybor, which allowed for a lot of good scenery if you wanted to chill out front. The keg of PBR ran out in no time, but the music blasted long into the night. Thanks for hooking it all up, Welch.

L to R - Frosty, Jon Mann, and Ternizza enjoy the $1 Jaegers!
What the hell is Welchie doing to Frosty? I don't even want to know where his hands are
I know that I'm getting old when I see how comfortable Jata is with this draft. Jorge on the other hand...I have no comment for this photo
This was Figgy's first trip to Tampa when it wasn't Tampa Am, but I'm going to guess that he still had a great time
Mike Goodwine trying to kidnap yet another white woman...this time the possible victim happens to be Jenna
This is what the scene looked like out front when I arrived. Don't worry because their parents were there, okay? I pulled up on my cruiser board and one of the three kids with plaid shorts asked, "You skated all the way from Tampa?"
There must be something really worth looking at to the right
One of the parents, Rick Burns, asked, "So did you hire the rollerbladers, too?" I had no idea what he was talking about, so he sent me this pic that his daughter snapped. Apparently there is a group of these goons that travel from bar to bar in Ybor on rollerblades on Saturday nights
That’s right, everyone is all about the group photo
“Jaeger Bombs!”
It was nice to see other modes of transportation being used to get to The Market. That’s Wizard with his best wizard-face
Figgy having a late-night soda with a new lady friend at Reservoir Bar
L to R - Porpe, Kenny Hoyle, thanks for blocking her face Porpe, Figgy, Goodwine, a white girl that Goodwine wants to slay, DMFP, Pee Wee Kirks, Jata, Yonis - looks like everyone is having a good time to me...


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